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  • Carbon Poker Bad Beat Jackpots Continues Record Climb

    Monday, December 15th, 2008 by t2admin

Last week’s online poker news headlines reported that Carbon Poker had reached its highest ever Bad Beat Jackpot of $735,000, making it the largest bad beat jackpot of any online poker room. This week, that record number continues to escalate, with a current value of more than $772k.

According to CarbonPoker, for players who toss chips at any of the online poker room’s ‘Bad Beat’ cash tables, “your worst bad beat may become the best hand you ever play”. The requirements for releasing the Carbon Poker Bad Beat Jackpot are to lose with a hand of Four of a Kind in 7’s or better, with the winning hand containing Four of a Kind in 8’s or better.

The Bad Beat Jackpot at Carbon Poker grows quickly by raking $0.50 from every pot, deposited directly into the jackpot. This only occurs at tables specially marked as ‘Bad Beat’ poker tables; and these tables are the only ones that offer release of the jackpot for hitting a bad beat.

The distribution process of Carbon Poker’s Bad Beat Jackpot is as follows: 35% of the jackpot goes directly to the loser of the bad beat hand. 20% is re-deposited into the Bad Beat Jackpot to reseed its value. 17.5% is given to the winner of the bad beat hand, while another 17.5% is evenly distributed amongst the other players dealt into the hand. The remaining 10% is scooped up by Carbon Poker.

Other requirements to release the bad beat jackpot at Carbon Poker include a minimum of 4 players dealt in at the start of the hand (not sitting out), and it must go to a showdown. The winning hand, and bad beat hand, must contain both of their respective hole cards, with at least one pocket card making up the Four of a Kind or better hand. Additionally, the hand must rake at least $0.50 to cover the $.50 bad beat jackpot rake.

Even at a rate of 35% of the Carbon Poker Bad Beat Jackpot going to the loser of the hand, that player stands to pocket a minimum of $270,000. At the rate Carbon Poker’s BB Jackpot is climbing, that lucrative number could become substantially larger as players flock to the online poker room for a chance at this massive prize.




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