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    Thursday, April 12th, 2012 by Ryan

Carbon Poker is popping up all over the place recently in the poker news. First it was for their creation of the new Poker Maximus series which was an absolute hit in the online poker world, and after that it was for their multiple increases of different guarantees across the sites poker tournaments. Now though, it is for something completely different, and something that is a different world than other online poker sites have dabbled in. Carbon Poker has officially created the Carbon Odds Calculator, which is an odds calculator that will help players not only get a better all around at the game of poker, but also helps them see winning percentages of certain hands against their opponent’s ranges, and it is essentially a basic poker tracker for players to use. If that’s not enough for you, then check out their in-game Heads Up Display (HUD) that they use!

This software is completely different than any other of the free online poker trackers that you can use out there, as they not only act as the tracking software like popular options such as PokerTracker or Holdem Manager, but it also helps you get a better read on how the players at your table play, and also what types of players they are through the Heads Up Display. There are multiple things that poker players take into account when playing, including things like winning percentages, pot odds, and multiple other statistics that can take a bit of time to calculate. This is where the Carbon Odds Calculator comes into play though.

This calculator is available to any player who has downloaded the Carbon Poker software, and you can use it during play to get any of the calculations that you could possibly imagine. There is also a hand replayer as well, with the entire program being customizable to however you feel comfortable! In total, you’ll find that it includes the ability to calculate the following things:

Win Odds Pot Odds Expected Value Groups Number of Outs

It will also look at and offer things such as:

Player Stats Profiling Icons Heads Up Display Hand Replayer Mucked Hands Display

Probably the most interesting part of it is the HUD for me though. The main reason for this is because it is one of the most beneficial and best options for players in game, and it can help you out with some of those tough decisions that you have to make. Often times players find that they can’t read if a player is loose, aggressive, or simply is looking to fold their way throughout until they get a big time hand. The Heads Up Display is of course fully customizable, and gives you all of that information that you wonder in your head just before making a big call or fold!

This is a great concept that was created by Carbon Poker of the Merge Gaming Network, and one that shows that this site is fully focused on moving forward and continuing to grow their online poker traffic!




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