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    Wednesday, May 29th, 2013 by Ryan

A little competition never hurt anyone right? Well, we’ve seen competition pop up for a few of the popular live poker tournament series’ out there, but not many tournaments find themselves up against the massively popular World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. The WSOP features the biggest and best of all of the players out there typically, but you’ll typically find that more often than not that it is really focused in on the experienced players, or the higher stakes players, due to the large buy-in’s that come along with each of the poker tournaments. In most situations the smallest buy-in at the World Series of Poker is going to be around $1000, and they can go all the way up to the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Last year, there was the million dollar tournament that was held at the Rio for example.

While the WSOP is set to kick off this week at the Rio, there has been some interest in another tournament that will actually be held at the exact same place, at the same time! The Rio has decided to bring back another popular tournament festival that ran for three years in row, and it began back in 1998. Obviously it hasn’t been around in a while, but Caesars Entertainment decided to bring back the good old Carnivale of Poker. For the first two years that the Carnivale of Poker ran, it was held at the Rio, and this was before the World Series of Poker was the go-to event at the Rio. After the two first seasons though, the action for the Carnivale of Poker moved to Harrah’s.

When this tournament series was running, we saw some of the biggest names in poker decide to take part in the events. The players were typically already in town for the World Series, so they would decided to take part in a few of the different events. If you look back to 1998 when they held the Carnivale of Poker Main Event, the winner was a well-known Huck Seed, while other players at the final table included Phil Hellmuth getting second place, Berry Johnston finishing in sixth, and Johnny Chan pulling in a 9th place finish.

The best part of these tournaments for players has to be the different buy-in sizes. They cater to the players much more than the large buy-in’s at the WSOP, and this will see many of the recreational players, or the players who are just in town for vacation decide to buy-in to the events. The typical buy-in’s that you’ll see are going to be between $365 to $580, and there is going to be other events up to $1,125, and a $5,000 Open Face Chinese poker event. The Main Event is also affordable for players, as it costs $1,675 to get into, and there are going to be two different starting flights for players to take advantage of. It is a re-entry event if you bust out on Day 1A also, so you can re-enter on Day 1B.

For those who are curious about getting some extra hardware if you win one of the Carnivale of Poker events, you are also going to receive a custom made gold medallion for winning any of the 21 events that are running. The Main Event will also have a more over the top gold medallion that has diamonds in it. The festival holds another interesting thing for players, as it features a leaderboard which will rank the players by the points that they earn from playing in the events. When the series comes to an end, the top ten earners are going to get a chunk of a $100,000 prize pool, which is money that Caesers is putting up here.

The action at the Carnivale of Poker is going to start on June 3rd, with a $365 No Limit Hold’em two day event, and it is going to run through July 14th, where it will end with another $365 No Limit Hold’em two day event. The Main Event is going to run on July 11th and July 12th though, as the first day will feature Day 1A, while the second day is 1B.




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