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  • Casino Gran Madrid Set to Launch Poker Room Branded by PokerStars

    Wednesday, December 26th, 2012 by Ryan

The world’s largest online poker site is expanding their name just a bit more it seems, and this news comes as they announced that they have partnered up with the well-known Casino Gran Madrid. The pairing is going to equal up to a brand new poker room, that is going to feature the PokerStars brand on the casino itself, and should be a great way to grow an already popular brand. The PokerStars blog went ahead and gave away some of the information about the new poker room that will be created, and stated that it is going to be focused on tournament action, which will cater to a ton of players out there. On top of this though, the new poker room is going to be able to take in more than 200 total players, and will have over 20 tables as well. As far as the open date for the new poker room goes, it should be early in 2013, so we won’t have to wait very long to get tournaments and games going there.

I’d say that the Group Head of Business Development for PokerStars, Guy Templer summed it up best when he stated that the Casino Gran Madrid is the “premier casino destination in Madrid”. PokerStars already does business with the casino as well to do many different poker tournaments throughout Spain. He went on to state that the decision to make a PokerStars branded room is going to give players the chance to have the same type of experience that is known for all PokerStars players, and it will be in the form of a live poker game instead. It’s all a very interesting idea, and this will also be just one of a few other times that the Casino Gran Madrid has worked with PokerStars in the past. The other two included the the 2011 PokerStars European Poker Tour Grand Final, as well as the 2012 EPT Madrid.

The announcements that came out also included the standard information that you’d find about the deal which stated that the PokerStars room is going to have different daily tournaments held there, with buy-in’s that will cater to many different levels of players. There are also going to be monthly and quarterly tournaments, as well as different training sessions for players and high roller tournaments which could draw in some of the bigger names in poker potentially. It’s not unlikely that the Casino Gran Madrid’s new PokerStars room could drew in the European Poker Tour as a stop, and possibly a few other big time tournaments also.

No one is exactly sure what will happen with any types of promotions through PokerStars and the new poker room, but it has been stated that there will be things promoted for the new poker room through pokerstars.es, which is the Spanish site for Stars. It’s likely that there will be some different things that connect the online poker site to the new live poker room in the future, but that will be announced down the line.

You’ll find that PokerStars has dabbled in the live poker games before as well, so this won’t be their first rodeo. The deal that they signed up with before was with the Hippodrome Casino in London, and the game plan there was for the poker room to be upgraded and pretty much completely renovated, and it would then be re-branded as a PokerStars poker room. In this deal, the online poker site worked on getting an equity stake int he United Kingdom’s online casino, and they were also due to provide the technology to get Hippodrome into the online poker world as well. One additional deal that PokerStars did was to attach their popular name to another poker tournament room in Macau, called the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex.

One other deal that’s definitely worth mentioning is one that PokerStars could be doing in order to purchase The Atlantic Club Casino in the popular Atlantic City, New Jersey. This could be a very big deal for the United States, and it would be worth less than $50 million in total surprisingly.




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