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  • Chris Klodnicki Wins Epic Poker League Mix-Max Main Event

    Monday, December 19th, 2011 by Ryan

The Epic Poker League’s Mix-Max Main Event has finally wound down to its eventual winner. It took five days before the champion was determined, and the 5th and final day was definitely a grind for players. The day started with five players remaining, but the amount of time that it took for the winner to be decided shocked many people. It took a total of 15 hours for those five players to leave one still standing, and that one player was Chris Klodnicki. Klodnicki got his ring for winning a Championship, and also took home the first place prize of $801,680 for his efforts.

As incredible as the 15 hours of play sounded for only five players, what makes it even more crazy is the fact that two players were sent home pretty quickly as well. Scott Clements was the short stack to start the day, and he was also the first player to be sent home as well. He shoved his short stack of 131k chips in with K-9 of clubs, and was called by the K-10 off suit of Andrew Lichtenberger. The flop gave Clements a 9 and left him sitting pretty, but a 10 on the turn left him sitting in second place out of two at the end of the hand. The second elimination wasn’t nearly as straight forward as Clements’ exit was though, as Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi started the day second in chips, but lost a huge pot to Klodnicki, and then another big one to Lichtenberger a few hands later. When all was said and done he was forced to push all in short stacked against Joe Tehan, and was sent home in 4th place.

And then came the incredibly slow down that people were expecting, but not quite to this extent. It wasn’t for another 100 hands that another player was sent home, and it was Tehan whose pocket 9’s didn’t hold up against Klodnicki’s A-7 off suit, sending him home in 3rd and setting up a big time heads up match-up for the Championship.

It was Klodnicki vs. Lichtenberger for the whole thing, and the two would play a best of three match for the Championship. Each player started with their regular starting stack for the first two matches (3.47 for Klodnicki, and 1.526 for Lichtenberger), and if there was a final match, the players would start with even stacks.

Heads up play never reached three matches though, as Klodnicki held strong in both of the first two. Lichtenberger did get back in the first match though, but it ended for him when his flush draw was up against the pocket Kings of Klodnicki, and he failed to hit. The second match didn’t go nearly as long, but was still a total of 70 hands from start to finish. Lichtenberger could never get his stack bigger than Klodnicki’s though, and the final hand came when the two went back and forth before finally getting it all in with Lichtenberger showing Ac-Kh, and Klodnicki showing the Ad-4d for a flush draw. Klodnicki was able to hit a four on the turn though, and this gave him the Championship and the massive grand prize.




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