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  • Christmas At Online Poker Room: “Santa4e” Wins Party Poker $300k GTD

    Monday, October 20th, 2008 by t2admin

PartyPoker.com hosted its regular $300,000 Guarantee last weekend, and with the vaguest hint of Christmas bells chiming in the background, “santa4e” routed the sizeable filed of competition to claim the 1st place prize of $60,000.

1,457 players converged on the poker tournament tables last Sunday, putting up the $200+$15 buy-in that just nearly avoided an overlay for PartyPoker.net. The online poker room collected $291,400 towards the $300k guaranteed prize pool, but had to fork over another $8,600 to top it off. It could have been worse though, as the tournament fees totaled a $21,855 profit for PartyPoker and easily covered the overlay.

The action lasted more than 8 hours as one-by-one, competitors ousted their opponents to bring about the final table. Considering the overall time it took to complete the $300k GTD tournament at PokerStars, the final table itself wrapped up astonishingly, lasting only about 50 minutes before “Taskekrabben” was eliminated in 3rd ($20,700) to bring about heads-up play between “luckyvenus” and “santa4e”.

Heads-up play began with “santa4e” holding a 2-to-1 chip lead over “luckyvenus”. That changed very quickly when “santa4e” went all-in pre-flop with Ad-4d against a 6-6 pocket pair from “luckyvenus”, which resulted in an immediate lead switch.

Near equal stacks increased the anticipation of all viewers as the overall leader would change hands four more times before the final hand. A pre-flop raise of $300k from “santa4e” was countered by an all-in from “luckyvenus”. From the button, “santa4e” did not hesitate to call, and the cards were turned.

Santa4e: Ah-8h
Luckyvenus: 6s-7s

The board fell quickly, revealing a Flop of Js-6d-Qc. “Luckyvenus” lead with low pair, but the Turn, 8c, gave “santa4e” the likely win. Only two cards could save “luckyvenus” at this point, and a 5c on the River was not one of them.

“Santa4e” was crowned the victor and awarded the 1st place prize of $60,000. The2nd place finish earned “luckyvenus” a very respectable $33,000.

PartyPoker $300k GTD Final Table Results

1st – santa4e ($60,000)
2nd – luckyvenus ($33,000)
3rd – TaskeKrabben ($20,700)
4th – Schelmy ($16,350)
5th – awojj ($13,800)
6th – ReRaiseYrMom ($10,350)
7th – Turbowurst ($7,950)
8th – Exameter ($5,250)
9th – QUANTUM321 ($4,050)

PartyPoker.com is not open to US Players but US Players can always play at FullTiltPoker (including practiciing for free at FullTilt.net)




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