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  • Christophe Benzimra Wins EPT Warsaw Event

    Friday, October 30th, 2009 by t2admin

PokerStars European poker Tour Warsaw Main Event has ended and it was forty seven year old French Businessman Christophe Benzimra who was able to outlast the young field of competitors to take the first place win. The event took place over five days and attracted 203 players.
Among the players competing were Poker Stars Pro Luca Pagano who Benzimra busted in fourth place during final table play and SuperNova Elite Alfio Battisti. Benzimra would face Battisti in heads up play after Oleksandr Vaserfirer was eliminated in third place.

Heads up play would last almost an hour before the final hand would be played. On the final hand Benzimra would raise 120,000 preflop and Batisti would re-raise 250,000. Benzimra would make the call and the flop would show A-7-5(all clubs). Battisti would then bet 300,000 and Benzimra would raise to 900,000. Battisti would re-raise all in and Benzimra would make the call.
Benzimra held A-7 and Battisti held K-10. The turn and river cards were 8-5 so Benzimra would take the hand and the first place win. After the win Benzimra commented that the table was full of pros and the fact that he won as an amateur player maybe had more to do with chance rather than skill.

“They were better than me,” said Benzimra. “I am not a professional player, I play just for my pleasure and let’s say today that the luck was with me.”
The next EPT stop is in Vilamoura, Portugal and will take place on November 17th through the 22nd. PokerStars pros will be in attendance at this event as well to try their hand at winning the title.

Final Results:
Christophe Benzimra – PLN 1,493,170
Alfio Battisti – PLN 834,840
Oleksandr Vaserfirer – PLN 500,900
Luca Pagano – PLN 357,790
Ruslan Prydryk  – PLN 295,770
Clayton Mozdzen – PLN 233,750
Alexander Klimashin – PLN 186,050
Anatoly Gurtovoy – PLN 133,570
Alexander Debus – PLN 85,870




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