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    Wednesday, September 11th, 2013 by Ryan

Stakeholder engagement — It seems to be happening more and more often that we are writing news articles about poker rooms who are closing up shop and turning their attention to other avenues. Most of the time you can assume that these poker rooms are going to be closing to open up space for more slot machines or table games, which is obviously where they end up making a good amount of their money at throughout the years. One place out there that hasn’t seemed to have to close up many poker rooms though has been Las Vegas, and we are sad to report that this story is about a room in Vegas that will officially be closing.

What room? It’s none other than the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. What makes this an even more surprising move is that there really wasn’t any type of internal or external communication about the decision to close the room according to a representative from the casino. The same representative came out and told sources that the poker room at Circus Circus is going to be closed “indefinitely”. While it’s always surprising to hear about a poker room closing in Las Vegas, I can safely say that many people may not have even known about the fact that Circus Circus had a poker room, mainly because the hotel and casino just wasn’t really known for that aspect of the gambling world.

If you didn’t know that they had a poker room, then that pretty much sums up why they have closed it down indefinitely I’d say. The tables had almost no action going there, and the casino itself is located on the far north end of the Vegas Strip, not making it one of the popular destinations for poker players to head to. The area itself isn’t known as being one of the most popular by any means, and a key reason why people stay on the north end is because of the rates that you can get from casinos in most situations. You can find Wynn, Belagio, and Caesars a bit further down the strip, and these are all rooms that draw a ton of traffic in terms of their poker room.

Now, while we don’t see MANY poker rooms in Las Vegas closing up shop, it’s not the first though. We saw M Resort close down their poker room for financial reasons (basically the same reasons we assume that Circus Circus closed their room). They have decided to change the space to offer more slot machines for tournaments, and while the M Resort is going to still run poker tournaments there, they are not going to have a specific poker room. Interestingly, the M Resort actually was the home of the Hollywood Poker Open, which featured a $2,500 buy-in and had 631 total players in the action.

There have been a few other poker rooms in Las Vegas that have closed down, one of which is the Riviera, who is right across the street from Circus Circus. They had just a six-table poker room, and shut down in June. At most you could find two tables of action going at this poker room. They even decided to offer a weekday hotel comp for every six hours that was spent at the poker tables, which wasn’t able to help save the room itself.

One other was The Plaza, and they closed their room temporarily this past month after beginning a trial run in July using electronic PokerTek poker tables. They actually did end up reopening earlier this week though, and they are not only offering cash game poker now, but are also offering different multi-table tournaments and Sit-N-Go’s as well.

If you are looking for poker by these casinos though, you can check out the LVH, which just recently opened a new five-table poker room this summer. They are east of the Riviera, and used to be known as the Las Vegas Hilton before the name change. We will be sure to keep you updated on the poker room front in Vegas, but if you really want the big action then be sure to check out the many casinos still offering massive poker rooms!




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