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  • Claims Process for Full Tilt to Start September 16th

    Tuesday, August 20th, 2013 by Ryan

Well, there is a good and a bad side about the most recent news to come out about Full Tilt Poker and their claims process. The bad news is that this article means that the United States players obviously still have not gotten paid out any of the money that they had locked up on the site, which is frustrating. The good news though, is that the official site, www.fulltiltpokerclaims.com, and the heads of the site, the GCG (Garden City Group) made the announcement that many players had been waiting on. They went ahead and stated that the claims process to get money back from the site is going to start on September 16th, 2013, and it will allow players a total of 60 days to file their claims before they begin moving forward. The deadline i set for November 15th, 2013.

The note that was posted gave a good bit of information for the players, and it started with the fact that the GCG is going to email a Notice that tells players how they can submit a Petition for Remission online. This will give players the chance to be able to potentially claim all the money that was held up on Full Tilt Poker. According to the note, players are also going to be able to get the information about filing the Petitions on the actual website itself, so make sure that you are checking on the website for updates throughout the weeks. They also stated that the registration process for email notification has been removed from the site.

This is obviously a big announcement for the players who have money locked up on Full Tilt Poker, and it came out soon after PokerFuse.com quoted a spokesperson from the GCG that the announcement was going to come at the end of this week. Shockingly, this is basically the first time that a source has really gotten anything about the deal with Full Tilt Poker and their payouts right. Obviously it’s been pretty much an unknown up until this point, but it’s good that the news is finally coming out.

What the email notification being taken off the site means for players, is that if you are a player looking to get your money back, but didn’t sign up for that notification service, then you are going to have to make sure that you go to fulltiltpokerclaims.com in order to get instructions on how to file a remission claim. The 60 day window stands regardless, so make sure that you jump onto the site if you aren’t on the email notification list to get it done as soon as the claims process time opens.

It’s also very much worth noting that players who are reading this need to know that the 60 day span is not the time when players are going to actually get their money, but it’s just the time to file the claim. From there, the GCG is going to have to go through each and every claim before making any type of payment to any of their players. That’s obviously going to take some time, so be patient after you file your claim. It was stated very clearly that the first payment is not going to be sent out until all of the claims are fully verified.

We also aren’t sure exactly how much money was set aside for these players, but on the sites Full Tilt Poker page it says that around $184 million was owed by Full Tilt to foreign players, and that they had “forfeit $547 million to the United States.” There hasn’t been a final number set just yet that will go towards United States players, so we’ll be playing the wait and see game on that one. I’m also interested to see the number of players who are owed small amounts (around $200 or less) are even going to attempt to put in a claim, as they’ll still have to deal with the government even for the smaller amounts. We’ll keep you updated on any additional news that comes out relating to the Full Tilt Poker claims, and it’s likely that there will end up being quite a bit of news before all is said and done.




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