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  • Cliff Josephy Wins PokerStars Super Tuesday Tournament

    Monday, May 4th, 2009 by t2admin

Three hundred and forty seven players competed at PokerStars Super Tuesday tournament which was just a little short of the guarantee which created a small overlay of $3,000. Several online poker pros competed in the event included members of the PokerStars pro team. But it was Cliff “JohnnyBax” Josephy who earned the win and the $68,000+ first place prize.

When final table play began Josephy would find himself in the middle of the pack with the chip counts. It would not matter though as Josephy would fight to make it to heads up play. The first player to be eliminated from the competition would be Benjamin Zamani when he called John Kranyak’s all in. Zamani held A-J against Kranyak’s Q-10 and Kranyak earned a straight and knocked Zamani out of the competition in ninth place.

Kranyak stayed on a roll and knocked out online player Detroitj6 in seventh place. Ronald Grauer would go out next in sixth place after going all in with K-10 against Treadinwater’s pocket fives. Gaining no help from the broad Detroitj6’s day was over.

The next few players to go would be SmoothTiltin in sixth, Jose “papadelpoker” del la Guardia in fifth, Treadinwater in fourth and John “johnnykran” Kranyak in third. That left Josephy and Jonyctt to begin heads up play. Josephy had a slight lead of almost 100,000 chips and would take the win after just eight hands of heads up play.

On the final hand Josephy opened the betting and Jonyctt called which led to the flop of 9-8-A. Jonyctt bet this time and Josephy called which gave a 4 on the turn so jonyctt checked which made Josephy bet which jonyctt called. A 10 on the river put jonyctt all in and Josephy called showing 8-5 against jonyctt’s Q-J. Josephy got a flush and the win the PokerStars Download tournament.

Final Results:

1. Cliff “JohnnyBax” Josephy — $68,250

2. jonyctt — $51,625

3. John “johnnykran” Kranyak — $38,500

4. Treadinwater — $29,400

5. Jose “papadelpoker” de la Guardia — $20,125

6. SmoothTiltin — $15,750

7. Ronald “ronaldgrauer” Grauer — $12,250

8. detroitj6 — $8,750

9. Benjamin “xthesteinx” Zamani — $6,125




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