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  • Close Shave for Mercier as Seidel Bags GPI Top Spot by 7/100ths of a Point

    Sunday, September 18th, 2011 by t2admin

Erik Seidel took the top spot on Global Poker Index’s (GPI) list of the best players in the world by a small margin. He accomplished this when he landed his second consecutive win at the final table in the Epic Poker League. Jason Mercier placed second on GPI’s list. The margin between them is narrow, with Mercier being short of Seidel’s achievement by just 7/100ths of a point. This is Erik Seidel’s first time at the top of the GPI.

Seidel’s Trip to the GPI Top Spot

Seidel had a shaky start to the year. This gave other players currently placed in the first four spots – Jason Mercier, Eugene Katchalov and Bertrand Grospellier – a chance to grab the top places. They each achieved this with a World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2011 bracelet and at least one finish at a final table besides the WSOP. Seidel’s fans are surprised with his successes at the two Main Events at the Epic Poker League. He was the runner up in the first event, where David Rheem bagged the first place. His latest finish, which was a fourth place in the second main event, was the tenth time he had a finish at a final table at events with buy-ins equal to or exceeding $5,000, in 2011. However, this was one of his two worst finishes at final tables in 2011.

Eugene Katchalov, Sorel Mizzi and Fabrice Soulier on GPI Top Ten List

Besides Seidel and Mercier, other players too have made it to the top spots after weeks of competing intensely against each other. They are – Eugene Katchalov, Sorel Mizzi and Fabrice Soulier, who are placed 3rd, 5th and 6th respectively on the GPI Top Ten list. The three players, along with Seidel have posted huge wins since the beginning of the month. The list is updated each week based on how the players’ fare at the felt in tournaments. While the players’ performance in the main event in the Epic Poker League has been important for this week’s ranking, the GPI 300 has also considered their successes at the felt in other tournaments like the World Poker Tour Paris, WinStar Casino Main Event and the Paris High Roller.

GPI List – New Entrants and Old Timers

Of all the players who had an in-the-money (ITM) finish at the Main Event (2nd), went on to earn places in the GPI. Two players who made it to the rankings for the first time were David Steicke who placed 237th on the GPI, and Adam Levy who placed 200th. Both players bubbled the final tables at the two Main Events. Mike MacDonald raced through 92 spots to place 84th in the rankings. However, those in the poker world are uncertain whether he will play in live tournaments once his college term begins.

Amit Makhija placed just a spot below him when he rose 41 spots in the ranking. Isaac Baron, who finished ITM twice in the Epic tournaments, climbed 18 places to make it to the 80th. Fabrice Soulier, who finished third at the table, moved from the 7th to the 6th place. The spot above this is occupied by Sorel Mizzi who won the Paris High Roller Rendez –Vous à.




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