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    Thursday, November 24th, 2011 by Nadia

The second day of the WPT Jacksonville main event had the remaining 168 players, of an initial field of 393, return to participate in the next levels. In the course of the day, 126 players were eliminated. Vitor Coelho led the pack with 945,000 chips, maintaining a huge advantage of 340,000 chips over his closest competitor.

Breaking the Million Mark

Coelho hit the million chip mark when his Ac-Ah took down Joel Schmidt’s Kh-Ks in a confrontation prior to the flop. The board gave out 9h-5c-4s-10a-Qd and Coelho won more chips, which took his stack up to 1,080,00, eliminating Schmidt. Soon after, Coelho also dispatched Jeff Forrest, a former WPT champion. While playing the hand against Forrest, Coelho moved all-in and Gert Zumkher folded from the small blind. Forrest raised the stakes to 32,000 as the big blind.

Showdown: Forrest held a Ks-10c and Coelho had Ac-5h. The board gave out Ad-8h-7c which gave Coelho the advantage in that hand. The turn card was 3d, which put Forrest in a difficult position. Once a 6c was drawn on the river, Forrest was knocked out of the tournament.

Other Day 2 Eliminations

In addition to Forrest, several other players were eliminated on Day 2. Some of the others were: Tony Dunst, David ‘The Dragon’ Pham, Harrison Gimbel, Matt Glantz, Shaun Deeb and John Racener.

Deeb was eliminated early, after he raised from the cut off and was three-bet up to 5,500 by John Liu, who was on the button. Deeb went on to four-bet to 14,800. Liu then made a five-bet to 31,000. Deeb went six-bet all-in and raised the stakes to 55,000. After Liu called, Deeb was able to double.

Showdown: Deeb held As-Jc whereas Liu held Kd-3d. The flop drew Qh-Qs-10d which was safe for Deeb. However, the 5d that came up as the turn card gave Liu a flush draw. Deeb was eliminated when an 8d was drawn on the river, giving Liu the flush and the pot.

Tony Dunst, a WPT personality, was eliminated after he raised the stakes to 4,000 from his position in the middle. The player in the big blind proceeded to defend which led up to the flop which drew 10s-10h-9c. Once the big blind checked, Dunst raised the stakes to 5,000. His opponent went all-in. Next, Dunst called his remaining 20,000 drew Ac-Ad. The big blind showed his Qs-10s and put Dunst in an unfortunate position. The turn card was 3d and the 9h, which was drawn on the river, failed to help Dunst and he was knocked out of the tournament.

Day 2 Survivors

Some notable players who survived the second day of play are: Mike Beasley, Lisa Hamilton, Artie Rodriguez, Chris Tryba, Corey Burbick and Dwyte Pilgrim. Day 3 will allow only 40 of the 42 players to win cash prizes. This means that Zoltan Czinnkota and Deshun Boone, the short stacks of the group, are the two competitors who are most likely to miss out on cash winnings.




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