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    Monday, October 24th, 2011 by Ryan

Continuation betting on the flop is one of the better plays in poker, as it can give you some free chips regardless of what you have in your hand. Many of the best poker players out there use continuation betting a good amount of times to put the pressure on their opponent, in the assumption that they were not able to hit the cards they were looking for. But one thing that many people don’t consider is how strong of a play it is to continuation bet on the TURN. Many players will call continuation bets on the flop if they have managed to hit an fairly weak pair, have a draw, or just feel confident about their hand and that they will be able to bluff you on the turn. This is why in many situations it is smart to not easy up on your betting on the turn.

One important thing to remember is to pay attention to the flop. If a player makes a call on a flop that has some draw options on it, and one of those options hit; it could be smart to be careful about your decision on the turn. But many times, players will call with middle pair or even bottom pair, in hopes that you are just continuation betting the flop. So say that the turn pairs the board, or doesn’t really have any affect on the flop, firing out another bet can actually take down a nice sized pot.

Many times it is a good idea to play your opponent as well, especially if you’ve seen them make calls on the flop and then fold the turn. On the other side of that though, is the fact that some players are very lose and aggressive, and if you get put in that situation it can cause some problems. Players who re-raise continuation bets often, are obviously not the types of players that you want to get involved with in this situation. If you are up against a player who is typically a pretty tight player that waits to pick his spots, and they call your continuation bet on the flop; that is definitely a sign to back off on your betting as well.

A few things to remember about players who call the flop, are that many players make calls on the flop just to see what your plan of action is on the turn. Another thing to remember is that if you get called on the flop and turn by a player, and end up losing the hand; the worse thing that you could possibly do is get on any type of tilt. Getting on tilt and firing continuation bets all over the place will either knock you out of a tournament quickly, or make you lose all of your money in a cash game very quickly. It is always smart to be careful and know when you’re beat, or when to give up on betting into an opponent.




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