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    Friday, October 14th, 2011 by Ryan

Continuation betting, or “c-betting” is one of the most popular strategies in poker, but is one that many players take the wrong approach at doing. Continuation betting can literally be the difference between making yourself at the top of the tournament rankings late in the event, or fighting to keep your chip stack alive. Sure, that sounds a bit over the top; but think about the amount of extra chips that you are leaving in the middle of the table on each hand that you are just willing to give up, when you could easily win the pot!

Now this isn’t to say that continuation betting will work EVERY time that you do it, but when it is done correctly, it should work much more than not! We’re going to cover a few things that are very important when it comes to continuation betting in tournament play. While c-betting in cash games and tournaments are a bit different, today we’re looking at continuation betting in tournaments, mainly due to the fact that you’ll find that it is a much more profitable play that can drew more folds.

*Watching the Board*

Continuation betting has quite a bit to do with your opponent, but it also has a lot to do with what comes out on the flop. Say that you raise pre-flop and get one caller. If the flop comes out something like A-K-9, it’s probably not the safest board to c-bet at. But if you get a board that is paired, or has scattered cards with different suits; that is a great time to fire out a continuation bet and look to take down all the free chips in the middle.

*Playing Position*

This is huge in continuation betting. If you are the person making the CALL pre-flop of a raise, and you are the first player to act post flop, it can make your life nearly impossible when it comes to c-betting. You can’t bet out at your opponent (in most cases), and you will be in a situation of either calling your opponents c-bet, or three betting them after they bet at you. Three betting can be tough, and is a whole separate topic for poker strategy! This basically comes down to the fact that you should just remember to typically only continuation bet when you have position on your opponent.

*Don’t C-Bet Into a Group*

Talk about a situation that can get you into one big mess. Continuation betting into a group of players is just asking for trouble. If you think it is tough to bluff one player out of a hand, try bluffing two or three players. Regardless of how the board looks or the situation, if you continuation bet into multiple players; you can bet that at least one of them is going to three bet you and force you to lay down your bluff. Just avoid c-betting into multiple players, and stick to the basics!

Continuation betting can be a great play, but just make sure that you aren’t doing it too often or in a spots that can get you into some trouble.




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