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  • Crown Casino Gets Scammed for $30+ Million By High Roller

    Tuesday, March 19th, 2013 by Ryan

Whenever there is a story that reminds of you something that you’ve seen out of Ocean’s 11, it’s something that is likely to make serious poker news. That is exactly the situation that we found here. In a bit of scary news for casinos all throughout the world, it apparently seems like scamming a casino for multiple millions of dollars isn’t quite as hard as it’s made out to be. This was found out a few weeks back at the popular Aussie Millions poker tournament series that is held at the Crown Casino in Melbourne. The series features different tournaments and some of the biggest and most well-known high stakes poker players in the world today. The quick coverage of the story shows that a high stakes gambler was able to make an incredible $32-$33 MILLION from the Aussie Millions tournament.

How does this happen you ask? Well, interestingly there have been some different reports that have come out, but a few things have stayed the same through the stories out there. There was a big time gambler who was staying at the Crown Casino in one of their incredible $30k per night villas in the Crown Towers, and the gambler apparently linked up with a casino employee. The plan between the two was for the employee to spy on the opponents’ cards throughout the high stakes gaming area that the casino has. The insider was able to see everything in the room and with their security system could move the cameras all throughout the table to see anything and everything that they wanted. This information that he saw was then sent to the big time gambler who then made his plays throughout the games.

After that, things got a little bit interesting as we don’t know the exact details. The reports that have come out state that the game play was unknown, and that the cheating was noted throughout an eight hand span, and that things became pretty obvious. This is nearly mind blowing though if you consider the facts though, as there were other reports that stated that it was definitely poker, which means that the player brought in a total of $4 million per hand throughout the eight hand stretch. Basically what this came down to is that it was one heck of a high stakes poker game apparently, and there was a ton of money to be tossed around on that table.

The scammer was caught during the play though by camera footage, and ended up being booted from the property at a random time during the night. Interestingly, while the player got kicked out of the casino by the heads of the casino and hotel, he was actually not arrested at any time. The police were called in to take part in an investigation, and they are currently gathering more information. There was a services manager from the VIP section that had to keep an eye on the culprit, and he ended up being fired since he obviously let the gambler get out of the casino.

The reports that came out gave some bad news for casinos though, as one of the Las Vegas casino consultants in Barron Stringfellow stated that these things happen far more than people actually realize. The reason for this is because the casinos actually keep the information from getting out as they obviously do not want the gambling world to know what has happened to their casino. While the casino stated that they are likely to get the bulk of their money back, Stringfellow actually thinks that this is very unlikely, especially since the gambler was able to make it away from the Crown Casino with all of the money.

As more information about this situation comes out we’ll be sure to report it, but it’s unknown was to what amount of information that the casino and the investigators are going to release. This is something that should have a whole lot of additional news coming out about it though, especially with how vague the initial reports about the situation were.




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