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  • Dan Smith Wins WPT Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic

    Friday, December 13th, 2013 by Ryan

Dan Smith not only started the as the chip leader for the final table of the WPT Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic, but he took his chip lead and that led him to taking down his first ever championship at the World Poker Tour. His lead to start the final table was over Gary Benson, who is a poker legend from Australia, but it was a small lead. He was sitting with about 600k in chips more than Benson, and the rest of the table had some work to do. First place was going to be able to take down $1.1 million, and the first player sent home was still going to earn $175k. The other players who were left in the action for the final table included a former WPT Player of the Year in Joe Serock, Barry Hutter, Eddy Sabat, and Shaun Suller. These players just needed a double up to get back into things though, so there was definitely poker to be played.

The first elimination came when Smith was able to knock out Serock, and it took the first 20 hands before we saw it happen. Serock had been burning chips early though, and he went with an all-in three bet early over a 90k pre-flop raise from Smith. Smith decided to make the call with A-J, and he was ahead of the Q-10 of Serock. An Ace came down on the flop, and Serock was going to need some help, which he was unable to get. While Smith stayed active and was playing a good number of hands, one of his biggest decisions came on a fold that he made.

He raised under the gun and was called by Sabat from the small blind. Hutter then three-bet from the big blind, and Smith made the call of the 275k raise. Sabat then four bet up to a million chips, and Hutter called all-in. At that point though, Smith decided to lay his hand down, to see Sabat holding pocket Kings and Hutter holding A-K. When the Jack high board came, Sabat knocked out Hutter in fifth place, and Smith held on to his chip lead.

We then had four players left in the action at that point, but it took 70 hands of players swapping chips between them before we saw another elimination come. Seuller saw his stack get knocked down pretty low by Benson, but he shoved all-in quite a few times to try to get his stack back up. On the 90th hand of play, his A-9 of diamonds ran into pocket Queens that Sabat was holding, and Suller had a shot at the flush when the turn came, but the river was a 10s to send him home in fourth place.

Sabat actually had the chip lead at this point, but Smith went right to work to get his stack back. He doubled up twice through Sabat, and this just demolished his chip stack. The final hand for Sabat came when his A-9o was bettered by the K-Qs. A King came down on th eflop, and Smith had actually hit a flush by the river, meaning that Sabat was sent home in third place, and took home a nice pay day of $436,160 for his nice run.

When the heads up play between Smith and Gary Benson started, it was a huge mismatch. Smith was holding more than 11 million chips, and Benson had 1.7 million chips. Needless to say, the heads up match didn’t last very long, as Smith kept his aggression up against Benson over the first eight hands. Benson saw his stack just continue to get smaller and smaller, and then Benson finally moved all-in. Smith called and turned over K-10 against the pocket fours of Benson. The flop came down nicely for Smith though, with 10-9-5. The turn was a 9, and the river was a 7, meaning that we had our tournament champion in Dan Smith.

Smith took home the pay day of $1,161,135, and for second place Benson won a nice prize of $672,685. This is Smith’s first ever World Poker Tour trophy, but he has won a few European Poker Tour trophies in his career, but is the last win that he’s had since back at the EPT in a side event in Prague last year.




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