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  • Daniel Negreanu Banned From 2+2 Forum for Spamming

    Friday, March 23rd, 2012 by Ryan

Daniel Negreanu is one of the most popular and well-known poker players in all of the world today. He’s also known for talking quite a bit at the poker table, and more than once it’s gotten him in a bit of trouble with tournament officials as well. This time though, Negreanu has apparently been banned from one of the largest poker forums on the internet today, the Two Plus Two poker forums. The issue began when Negreanu posted a video blog to the site, and the blog began with an ad for the iSeries Live Poker Tournament. Negreanu was explaining the tournament, and it was considered spamming by the officials on the forum. It’s an interesting situation for Negreanu and the poker forum, as both sides are incredibly well-known in the poker community.

Fortunately for Negreanu, the ban on 2+2 poker forum is only temporary, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that he’ll be back on the site very often after how everything went down. Before this point, there have been other professional poker players that were banned from the site, but none of them have the name recognition that surrounds Negreanu. The way that it was summed up from Two Plus Two is that Negreanu started a spam thread, which led to it being deleted and him being warned. After that he posted another post that was considered “promotional”, and the forum deleted this. After that though came the video blog that was mentioned above in two different threads, which led to the poker forum deciding to temporarily ban Negreanu from the site.

Negreanu argued the issues that came out from Two Plus Two on his website, and stated that the press release was available on Two Plus Two, so he “posted a thread about it since I assumed, as normal, people would want to discuss the series as they have with any other league, tournament, or tour.” Negreanu also said that he wanted to be the first, but when he created the thread that it was taken down. After that was when it got interesting as someone else began a thread called “Live Betting on Poker”, and the post was talking about the same iSeries that Negreanu was talking about. He knew a lot about it, so he posted in the thread explaining about it, and soon after that the thread was taken down once again.

Negreanu goes on to point out the fact that he’s talked about other popular poker tours and tournaments like the World Series of Poker, the World Poker Tour, Epic Poker, and many other leagues, and there haven’t been issues in the past. His thoughts behind why the site decided to take down the threads were because they were hoping to make some money off of the iSeries by putting up different banners on the site to promote the series.

It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out moving forward, and also how much Negreanu is back on 2+2 after all is said and done here.




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