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  • Daniel Negreanu Fires at Full Tilt Poker Once Again

    Wednesday, February 8th, 2012 by Ryan

Daniel Negreanu may not be having the best start to a year in his poker career currently, but he’s definitely had his hands full with some strong words that he’s fired at the massive online poker site Full Tilt Poker. Negreanu had quite a few things to say last week about the current controversy that is going on at Full Tilt Poker, and much of the controversy surrounds the fact that the leaders of Full Tilt Poker have really let down all of the Full Tilt Pros. Negreanu touched on the fact that many of the pros trusted the higher ups of Full Tilt Poker, and this included Howard Lederer. Negreanu said that he “didn’t trust” Lederer, and that he doesn’t trust “that family” (Full Tilt Poker) at all, because they are a “family of scoundrels”.

Negreanu didn’t back off at that point, and this especially holds true about Lederer, who is right in the middle of everything that is currently going on at Full Tilt. He said that Lederer is “arrogant”, and also that he “talks to people like they are stupid”, all of which led to an obvious statement that Negreanu obviously isn’t too fond of one of the biggest names in Full Tilt Poker. After all of this went down, many people felt that Negreanu would feel a bit better after his interview, and that he could stick to the game of poker and focus on his game. Not quite true though, as Negreanu now completely went off on the three biggest names involved in the Full Tilt Poker situation, Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, Ray Bitar, and none other than Lederer.

To break down the things that Negreanu said about these three players, the best thing to do is sum up the key points (of a quite long paragraph I’ll add). He said that the three big names have “putrid decision making”, and also just hit each of the three of them with some strong words. He called Ray Bitar a “buffoon”, Chris Ferguson a “liar who has the warmth of a snow pea”, and Lederer “arrogant, condescending, and incompetent”. And he was just getting started with this.

To quote a poker term, Negreanu said that his “read” on the three was simply that there were not “my kind of people”, and that he never trusted them “for a second”. Probably my favorite of his lines about the three was simply that “you guys suck”, and that he doesn’t want to see any of their faces at the World Series of Poker. Negreanu didn’t slow down for even a second, as he said that Lederer, Bitar, and Ferguson deserve everything that they’ve received in terms of the wrath from the poker world, and that they also deserve more on top of this as well. To finish it up, Negreanu said that the three are “scum”, and that they deserve “a few swift baseball bat swings to the groin area, old school Vegas style.”

These strong words essentially sum up what a large number of the online poker players who still have money locked up on Full Tilt are currently thinking, and it will be interesting to see what happens if Negreanu ever runs into one of these three again.




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