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  • Daniel Negreanu Loses $150K in PokerStars Superstar Showdown

    Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011 by t2admin

We talked about the PokerStars Superstar Showdown match-up between Daniel Negreanu and Viktor Blom, but in case you missed the article we’re going to refresh your memory a bit. The two players were supposed to play the showdown over the course of two sessions, but that’s changed a bit now. Negreanu didn’t fare well at all in the Superstar Showdown on Sunday and he ended up losing his entire starting bankroll of $150K in only 1439 hands.

This is the very first time that anyone has lost the full $150K bankroll during the PokerStars Superstar Showdown and I have to say that it didn’t surprise me one bit. I mentioned that Negreanu would probably lose more than anyone else and that’s because I felt he’d start shipping it weak when he was down. I have to admit that Negreanu didn’t have much luck at all during the match-up, but he did make several mistakes, which I think could have been avoided.

Daniel made a statement after the match-up saying that he understands he ran horribly during the match-up and will be ready to play against Blom next Sunday again. Both players will start out with a $150K bankroll again and I’m sure Negreanu will try and do everything he possibly can to bust Blom this week and breakeven. One of the problems that Negreanu might face is he might end up playing too aggressively during the challenge and end up losing another $150K.

After Daniel busted out of the challenge the two players shared a couple comments between each other. Viktor Bloom agreed that he ran extremely well during the match although I’m sure he also thinks he can dominate Daniel any chance he’s given. I’m sure we’ll see Daniel practicing his multi-tabling skills this week at PokerStars again although I’m not 100% sure. Negreanu lost a lot of money last week while practicing for his match against Blom and I’m not sure if he’s going to want to lose much more.

Near the end of the match, Daniel ended up losing a fairly big pot of roughly $25K and from that point on he didn’t seem like he was playing optimally. Negreanu had A/K of diamonds against Blom’s 6/8 of hearts and when the turn gave Blom the flush the hand was all over and Negreanu lost quite a bit of his remaining stack.

While I don’t think Negreanu will run as bad this week as he did this past week, I also can’t see him beating Blom. The best online poker players in my opinion are much better players than the majority of live poker players and Daniel is simply outclassed against Blom and unless he runs extremely good he should be down more than $150K after this Sunday.




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