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  • Daniel Negreanu Takes Down First Ever Major Online Poker Tournament

    Thursday, May 30th, 2013 by Ryan

Daniel Negreanu is well-known for many, many different things. For starters, you have to recognize the massive number of accomplishments that he’s made in the live poker tournament world, as he’s pulled in many big scores, and also has brought in a ridiculous amount of money in cash games as well, both online and in live games. You may know that Negreanu is also one of the most experienced players out there, as he’s 38 years old, but has done more in the poker world than many players do in their entire careers. He’s been around for a good while, but while he’s considered by some as the “old school” type of player, the PokerStars player has actually never won a major online poker title before in his career. Well, he hadn’t, as he was able to get one this past weekend.

Negreanu is known for his table talk and his ability to guess his opponents’ hands. He also loves to get under his opponents’ skin as well, but during the online poker tournaments he obviously can’t do it nearly as well. This past Saturday though, Negreanu played in the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) in Event #39, which was a $5,200 Pot Limit Omaha Six-Max event. He not only won this event, but he did it in a ridiculously impressive way. While the field only had 180 players, the prize pool was still solid, and the event featured some very big names as well, making his win pretty impressive. Just a few of the names that you may know in the event to go with Negreanu featured Jason Mercier, Shaun Deeb, David Baker, Justin Bonomo, Joe Ebanks, Steven Chidwick, and Ike Haxton.

Negreanu was running well during this event, and when he ended up getting to the final table he had quite a chip lead going into it. He held 331,441 chips, while the next closest player to him had 216,766 chips. Negreanu just kept building as he got deeper and deeper into the final table, and when the heads up match was set, he was against FA_Morgoth. The chip lead for Negreanu was more than a significant one though, as he was sitting with 764,712 chips, and FA_Morgoth had 135,288 chips. The heads up match didn’t go for very long as you can imagine, and there was no partial comeback for Negreanu’s opponent, as the match ended in only five hands.

When the heads up action started, Negreanu won the blinds for the first three hands, and then won a good chunk of his opponents stack on the next hand. The fifth hand after that was the breaking one, as Negreanu rasied pre-flop to 12,000, and was just called. The flop came down with 4h-5d-2d, and FA_Morgoth checked, leading to a 12,000 chip bet from Negreanu. His opponent raised to 60,000, leaving him with almost nothing behind. Negreanu pushed all-in, and FA_Morgoth made the call. Negreanu turned over Jd-9s-6d-3c for a nut straight and a flush draw, while FA_Morgoth showed Qc-7c-6h-5c for top pair and an open ended straight draw. FA_Morgoth couldn’t improve his hand, and this gave Negreanu the big win, and the first place pay day that was worth $216,000.

Negreanu tweeted on the win stating: “Won my first ever major online poker tournament. This last two months has been the sickest run of my career. So thankful and SO FUN!” Negreanu has definitely been on fire leading up to this, as he made the final table of three major live tournaments in a row. In April he won the World Series of Poker Asia Pacific (WSOP APAC) Main Event, which was worth over a million dollars. This month he finished fourth in the European Poker Tour’s (EPT) Grand Final that was worth $420,912, and also got 7th in the World Poker Tour’s (WPT) World Championship for $137,085. He’s been on fire this year, and it’s going to be interesting to watch Negreanu at the World Series of Poker that just kicked off this week as well.




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