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  • Daniel Negreanu Working His Way Up In Major POY Races

    Tuesday, September 17th, 2013 by Ryan

We all know the name Daniel Negreanu, but if you haven’t been paying a ton of attention to the many poker tournaments that have gone out throughout this year, you may not know exactly how well he’s done this year. Negreanu has done so well in a wide range of tournaments, and his name is consistently seen at the top of the different Player of the Year races out there. There is one more big push coming before the end of the calendar year and before we decide the POY races, and Negreanu made another move in many of the races. Currently you can find him at the top of two races, but the third one is one that he’s attempting to play catch up on.

When you check out the Bluff Magazine POY race you are going to see that Negreanu finally overtook Mike “SirWatts” Watson, who grabbed the top spot after having a great World Series of Poker this summer. He hasn’t been able to do much else though since that point, which led to Negreanu being able to surpass him. The most recent strong finish was when Negreanu finished in second place at the European Poker Tour’s High Roller event in Barcelona. He pulled in over 209 points with that one, and it gave him a total of 1014.16 points, against the 833.44 points of Watson, leaving Watson with some work to do in order to get the lead back.

Behind these two players you are going to see David Peters, who fairly recently won the Bellagio Cup IX in July, and this put him in third place with 773.90 points. Ole Schemion is another interesting player to watch in this race, as he’s brought in some solid scores throughout the year, and cashed at the EPT Barcelona High Roller Event also. He has a total of 762.62 points, leaving him in fourth place, just a few behind Peters.

Then checking out the CardPlayer Magazine Player of the Year race, you can see Paul Volpe in second place behind Negreanu in the rankings. Negreanu just kept building the lead from there though, and he has a total of 4468 points, and has over a 1000 point lead against Volpe now. Blair Hinkle is sitting in third place in those rankings though and is pushing closer to Volpe for second place, as he has 3448 points. Then to round out the top five you’ll see Justin Bonomo with 3395 points, and Steve O’Dwyer with 3188 points.

One of the best races out there so far this year though has to be the one in the Global Poker Index Player of the Year race. This is actually the only one where Negreanu isn’t sitting in first place too. Schemion has the hold of first right now with 892.4 points, and Negreanu is right there on his heels with 875.96 points. In that race, Watson is in third place with 836.8 points, and is followed up by Volpe with 814.81 points.

The races are getting better and better and are drawing a whole lot ofa ttention, but this weekend is going to be the start of the major pushes towards the top of the leaderboards. The World Poker Tour’s Borgata Open is going to start on Sunday, and then in October we have the always interesting World Series of Poker Europe. The action just keeps rolling along with the EPT London and the WPT Grand PRix de Paris. By the time we get near Halloween we should have a good idea about who the serious contenders are for the Player of the Year races with just a few months to go until the end of the year.

Negreanu is definitely going to end up being a favorite in a good number of these races, and that’s obvious in the ones where he is already at the top. As far as the Global Poker Index POY race goes, I’m sure that he’s going to get a good amount of attention, and many people feel that he should be able to jump and grab the lead in that race as well with a few more strong showings. These will all be fun races to watch, especially with some huge tournaments coming up.




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