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  • Daniel Santoro Wins WPT Foxwoods Event

    Thursday, November 3rd, 2011 by Ryan

The World Poker Tour’s Foxwoods World Poker Finals event has come to an end, and came away with a winner who took home his biggest payday of his professional poker career to this point. The final table featured some big time hands, and quite a few swings among the players as well. In the end, it was Daniel Santoro who took home the grand prize, and also the very nice first place payday of $449,910. To explain how fairly new Santoro is to the live tournament circuit, you can take a look at his total live tournament winnings before this event; which were $260,862.

The final table was made up of a few players that many fans didn’t know, as well as Andy Frankenberger who was definitely the more well-known player there. To start the day, there were six players still in the action, with Steven Brackesy holding the chip lead with 1.81 million chips. He was followed behind closely by Christian Harder with 1.29 million chips, and Santoro with 1.16 million chips. To round out the final three, Bob Carbone had 588k chips, Eli Berg had 496k chips, and Frankenberger brought up the rear with 374k chips.

The final table action kicked off quickly, and saw Berg sent home after only three hands in 6th place. It wasn’t long after that until the next elimination came from the player who started the day in sixth in Frankenberger. He was sent home on hand 13 by Harder, who turned over pocket King’s against the Ace-Ten of Frankenberger. After that hand came the roll of excitement, as Brackesy who was the chip leader to begin the day, got into it with Santoro pre-flop and ended up with his chips all in. Brackesy had Ace-Four suited, and was up against a big one in pocket Queens of Santoro. This hand sent Brackesy home and gave Santoro a massive chip lead. Heads up play was then determined after Carbone got his chips all in with pocket Ten’s against the pocket Ace’s of Santoro; which saw Carbone heading to the rail in third.

Santoro was heads up against Harder for the championship now, and had a massive chip lead of over 3.2 million chips. He kept pushing and taking control to get Harder under 400k in chips before Harder started picking up hands and winning big bots. It wasn’t long after that before Harder actually had made such a comeback that he had earned the chip lead. These two then went back and forth for a while with the crowd on edge throughout until Santoro had a 600k chip lead and the deciding hand happened.

Santoro re-raised pre-flop, which saw Harder push all in. Santoro snap called the bet and turned over Ace-King against the pocket Ten’s of Harder. The flop and turn were both blanks for Santoro, but he hit that beautiful King on the river to send Harder home and give him the championship. Santoro took home the prize of $449,910, and Harder took home a nice consolation prize of $248,962 for his efforts.




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