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  • Daniele Nestola Takes Down LAPT Grand Final

    Tuesday, February 21st, 2012 by Ryan

The Latin American Poker Tour’s (LAPT) Grand Final featured some interesting players in it, one of which was the incredibly well-known Daniel Negreanu, who actually made it to the event’s final table. While the anticipation surrounding the final table of the LAPT Grand Final was high, it actually ended up being one of the shortest final tables in history, as the eventual winner, Daniele Nestola from Germany, kept his big stack all the way through to the finish when he took down the event, and a nice grand prize of $289,300 for his efforts. The event took place at the Sheraton WTC Sao Paulo in their poker room, and the final table was played yesterday (Monday).

As far as how long the actual event took, Nestola had all of the chips sitting in front of him in only four hours, and he personally sent four of his other seven final tablers to the rail as well to make his win even more impressive. While the previously mentioned Negreanu was the most talked about player at the table, he was sent home in sixth place, leaving Nestola in a great spot to be able to dominate through to take down the title. He did just this, and it ended up coming down to him and Gasperino Nicolas from Venezuela for the heads up match. The heads up match was set to pay out $324,600 to the eventual winner, but the two decided to make a deal and each take $250k, but still play the heads up match for the remaining $39,300 that was in play. Nestola actually had quite a chip lead at that point, which made this deal a bit strange, as he was up about 4.4 million to 2.78 million chips when the action started.

The match between the two players didn’t last long though, as the final hand featured the flop coming out 9-6-4, the turn was a 3, and both players ended up getting it all in at this point. Nestola turned over a dominate hand with 7-5 off suit for a seven high straight, while Nicolas has two pair with 9-2 suited, but was far behind his opponent. The river didn’t help him, which led to Nestola taking down the title and also getting the additional $39,300 worth of prize money.

Nestola’s win at the LAPT Grand Final was definitely the biggest of his career, as before this his biggest cash was worth just over $20k at the North American Poker Tour back in 2010. Overall to this point in his career, Nestola has won just over $122k in his career before this huge score, and has to be ecstatic to pull in such a large win after going a bit of a long stretch without pulling in anything big. The other players who made it to the final table were Carlos Ibarra (3rd place), Felipe Morbiducci (4th place), Jonathan Markovits (5th place), Negreanu (6th place), Vitor Torres (7th place), and Juan Gonzalez (8th place). This was the final event of the Latin American Poker Tour for this year as well.




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