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  • Dato Dominates the Tables at WPT Venice

    Thursday, December 15th, 2011 by Nadia

The World Poker Tour Venice stop began small at the Casino Di Venezia, Ca’noghera. The field consisted of a mere 78 players on Day 1(A), in stark contrast to the main event at WPT Prague which drew in 571 players and the WPT Five Diamond which mustered a field of 413 players. However, organizers of the Venice leg of the tour are hopeful that more players will join the tournament as there is another starting day in the offing, in which re-entry will be allowed.

Initial Eliminations on Day 1(A)

At the end of Day 1(A), 29 players remained in the tournament and Andrea Dato led the pack with 217,300 chips. A few well-known players like Taylor von Kriegenbergh and Sam El Sayed took part in the initial day of play. However, El Sayed was eliminated early into the game. Some other players that were knocked out of the tournament are: Nicolo Calia, Marvin Rettenmaier, Scott Baumstein, John Eames, Manuel Novello, Leonard Domi, Raffaele Carnevale, Gianluca Speranza, Giovanni Rizzo, Alessandro Speranza and Dario Alioto.

The Initial Rounds of Play

John Eames was all-in, holding Ah-Ts. His opponent held 4d-4h. The flop dealt out Qs-Jh-9s. This gave John the opportunity to take an out as he held a straight draw which was open ended. The turn card, Qc, provided Eames with more outs than before. Unfortunately for Eames, he failed to hit his straight and when the river turned out to be 2s, he was knocked out of the tournament. Thanks to the re-entry option, Eames may return to the table on Day 1(B).

O’Dwyer’s Battle for the Lead

Steve O’Dwyer concluded Day 1(A) with a stack worth 159,000. O’Dwyer held the top position as the chips leader at various points in the day. During a hand that was being played at Level 6, the blinds were set at 200, 400 and 50. Steve went all-in when the flop read 8h-6c-2s while facing off against Andrea Darduin. Steve’s hand consisted of Jd-Jc whereas Andrea held 9c-9h. The turn card was a 6d and the river card was 10h. This catapulted O’Dwyer into the lead and eliminated Darduin from the tournament.

Another player who managed to maintain a good level of play was Roger Hairabedian. He finished the first day of play with a stack valued at 120,600 in chips. While playing level 6, Roger managed to double up his stack as he held triple 8s and the board read Ks-5d-3c-8s-8d.

Anthony Dato Tops the Leaderboard

Over the course of his career, Dato has earned approximately $300,000 playing live tournaments. He made almost half of his total career earnings when he won the 3rd place at WSOP at the No-Limit Hold’em Triple Chance event with a $1, 500 buy-in. He took home $138,044 in winnings. In addition to that payout, he concluded the Italian Poker Tour in Campione at 5th place. He won $62,264 from the tournament. Results at the End of Day 1(A)

Dato managed to take the first place with a substantial lead with 217,300. Following him was Steve O’Dwyer boasting of a stack worth 159,000. The other players who made it to the top 10 are: Rocco Palumbo, Wanny Piazza, Umberto Calabro, Alessandro Fasolis, Cristiano Guerrero, Roger Hairabedian, Michele Caroli and Gianluca Nardone.




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