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  • David Shallow Takes Down WPT Ireland Main Event

    Monday, January 9th, 2012 by Ryan

The World Poker Tour Ireland’s Main Event kicked off on January 5th, and it went through the 8th before a champion was finally crowned. When the final table began, one player stood out far above any other player at the table in terms of his chip stack, while his chip lead, was just a “few million” as one poker fan described to me. To sum up exactly how big of a chip lead that eventual winner David Shallow held heading into action with the final five players remaining; if you had put together ALL of the other four players’ chips, and put that up against Shallow’s stack, he still would have been a big favorite to win the event. In total, the other four players’ chip stacks added up to about 4,310,000 chips, while Shallow was holding a total of 6,155,000 chips. Basically, when five handed play finally kicked off (there was a double elimination to get them down to five players instead of six), many people considered it a forgone conclusion that Shallow was going to take down the championship.

To put it simply, it really was a foregone conclusion, and all went to plan for Shallow in the end. The WPT Ireland took place at the Citywest Hotel in Saggart, Co., Dublin. When the action began, the closest player to Shallow in terms of chip stack size was Steve Watts, who was holding 1,600,000 of the chips, and was followed by Patrik Vestlin with 1,100,000, Charles Chattha with 835k, and Ronan Gilligan with 775,000. While we make it seem to this point like Shallow had a walk to the championship, it wasn’t quite that easy for him. He doubled up two players (Vestlin and Gilligan) very early in the final table play, and was left with 4,276,000 chips at that point. Gilligan then went on quite a tear and found himself with 2,898,000 chips, and was within striking distance of Shallow.

Gilligan’s hot play continued as he knocked off Vestlin on a pretty big pot, sending him home in 4th place, and vaulting Gilligan into the chip lead. You could only imagine what exactly was going through Shallow’s head at this point, as his huge chip lead was now not even a chip lead at all. All of this had happened in less than an hour, and the three players remaining were Gilligan with 4,852,000 chips, Shallow with 4,259,000 chips, and Chaz Chattha with 1,029,000 chips. Gilligan then made a few interesting raises and saw his stack take some hits, and before long he found himself all in against Shallow who had top pair, and Gilligan had an open ended straight draw. Gilligan was unable to hit, and was sent home in 3rd place.

Shallow’s big chip stack was back, as he had 7,280,000 of the chips, to Chattha’s 2,860,000 to start the heads up action. Shallow played aggressive and found himself three betting often, which was good until one specific hand. He was holding K-3 suited, and three-bet Chattha. Chattha then four bet, which led to an all-in from Shallow, that Chattha snap called and turned over pocket Queens. They held, and Chattha was now up 5,180,000 to 4,960,000. Shallow then picked up a few pots and regained his edge in terms of chip stack. This was when a huge happened, as the two went back and forth betting pre-flop before getting it all in. Shallow turned over pocket Queens, and was a huge favorite against the pocket nines of Chattha. The Queens held, and Shallow won the €222,280 prize, as well as the free entry into the $25k WPT World Championship.




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