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  • Day 1B of WPT Korea Main Event Led By Zhu Ya Xi, Who Grabs Overall Chip Lead

    Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 by Ryan

We recently talked about the first ever event of the World Poker Tour’s Korea stop, and the Main Event that’s currently going on there. Day 1A didn’t see a massive number of players, but it was a solid 50 who bought into the action. We expected to see Day 1B be a larger number, and it was just that, with 87 players buying into the second flight of the action. This means that we had a total of 137 players in total who bought into the action at the Ramada Plaza Jeju in South Korea, and they were all going to be looking to become the first ever World Poker Tour champion on the continent of Asia. When Day 1B came to a close, the player who was sitting at the top of the leaderboard not only was holding the chip lead for the day, but for the combination of both days as well.

It was Zhu Ya Xi, who grabbed the chip lead, and was holding 165,200 total chips. With a total buy-in for the players of $3,000, it meant that we had a total prize pool of $358,803, and it meant that first place was going to get not only a $100,000 pay day, but whoever wins it all will also get a WPT World Championship seat as well. Second place will get $60,700, and the rest of the payouts will look as follows:

3rd place: $38,500 4th place: $28,500 5th place: $21,400 6th place: $17,100 7th place: $14,200 8th place: $11,400 9th place: $8,500 10th -12th places: $6,200 13th -15th places: $5,100 16th -18th places: $4,400 19th – 21st places: $3,800

Zhu Ya Xi is sitting nicely right now, as we previously mentioned that Alex Lou had the Day 1A chip lead, but has some catching up to do, sitting with 125,000 in chips. The blinds are currently at 400/800 with a 100 chip ante, and this means that the huge chip difference is pretty massive. Zhu had a huge hand during the final level of the day that really pushed her up far above the rest, as she and another player called a pre-flop raise of 1,500. The flop came with Js-10s-7h, and Zhu bet 3,000. The first opponent raised to 8,000 and two other players folded. Zhu then three bet up to 13,000, and then we saw a four bet to 27,000. Zhu five bet up to 40,000 and her opponent moved all-in for their last 21,775. Zhu called and turned over Jc-10d for top two pair, while her opponent had 8d-7c. The turn and river were nice to Zhu, and she grabbed that massive chip stack.

There were a total of 75 players combined who are still left in the action, and they are going to begin play at 2:00pm Korea Standard Time for Day 2 of the WPT Korea. They are going to be playing eight levels before they decide to call it.

After Zhu Ya Xi and Alex Lou, we see five players who took part in Day 1B sitting next in line in terms of their chip stacks, but just like Lou, they all have work to do in order to catch up to Zhu. Third place overall currently is held down by Hyunshik Yun with 119,300 chips, fourth is held by Gu Guan Qun with 114,200 chips, fifth is Chris Park with 111,000 chips, sixth is Zhang Jian with 104,900 chips, and seventh is Masayuki Kamegawa with 102,000 chips. To round out the top ten we see Mesato Shimizu in eighth with 91,300 chips, Tetsuya Tsuchikawa in ninth with 90,500 chips, and Liu Peng Cheng in 10th with 88,100 chips.

It was a solid all-around showing for the first ever World Poker Tour Korea Main Event, and I’m expecting to see some big numbers for years to come at this event, and it’s likely that it will only continue to grow. As we mentioned yesterday, we saw a few big names playing in the events, and we are going to see someone get one heck of a pay day, and an entry into the World Championship as well. This will be an interesting event to watch wind down, and we’ll keep you updated on any interesting news that comes out about the WPT Korea, and also how things end up rounding out with this event.




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