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  • Dominik Panka Wins 2014 EPT PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) Main Event

    Wednesday, January 15th, 2014 by Ryan

The 2014 poker year started off with some great action, and all eyes were on the 2014 European Poker Tour’s PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) Main Event. When Day 5 of the action for this event got underway, it was actually a pretty short day, as we saw the action go on for only four and a half hours, while Day 6, which was the final table, went on for a very long time before we ended up finally deciding a winner. It took an entire 17 hours before we could eventually find a winner, and a key part of that was that the stacks were actually pretty deep to start. The shortest stack at the table had 30+ BBs. The action started up at noon EST on Monday, and when it ended at around 5:00am EST on Tuesday, it was Dominik Panka getting the win over Mike “Timex” McDonald, and winning a very nice pay day worth $1,423,096.

The first elimination of the action didn’t come for quite a while, as it took three hours before Fabian Ortiz was sent home. He lost a pre-flop all-in against McDonald where McDonald had pocket Queens and Ortiz had A-K. The board ran out, and we were off. Well, sort of. The next knockout didn’t come for another four hours or so, and it was another pre-flop back and forth that left one player all-in. This time Pascal Lefrancois got it all-in with pocket Sixes against the A-K of Isaac Baron. The Ace came on the river, delivering a painful out for Lefrancois. He received just under $250k for finishing in seventh place.

The next knockout was an hour later, so in some respects it wasn’t too bad of a wait. Shyam Srinivasan moved all-in over the top of a raise and a caller for 2.665 million chips, and the shove was called by the caller of the original raise, which was none other than Panka. Panka was actually way behind to start this hand, holding pocket Tens, but Srinivasan was holding pocket Jacks, and looked to be in a great spot for a double. The flop came with a 10 though, and that sent Srinivasan home in sixth place with a tough knockout, but a nice pay day.

Another hour before the next elimination though, and it started with Daniel Gamez raising the action with Q-10 of hearts. Panka called, but then McDonald tripled the bet with pocket Tens. Gamez then moved all-in for around 3 million, Panka folded, and McDonald decided to make the call. The flop was low, but the turn gave Gamez his heart draw. He couldn’t hit that or the Queen on the river though, and it meant that McDonald had knocked out Gamez in fifth place. 30 minutes after that was our next knockout, the original chip leader in Madis Muur. Muur got committed pre-flop and all-in with Q-10 against the A-K of Panka. A King came down on the flop, and the turn and river just couldn’t improve, sending Muur home in fourth place with over $500k.

The three players left in the action decided to make a deal, and Panka was the chip leader with 14.06 million chips. Baron had 9.995 million, and McDonald had 6.365 million. Panka got the most money in the chip, getting him a minimum of $1,323,096, Baron received $1,207,599, and McDonald got $1,064,000. This meant that $100k was left on the table to play for, and the winner would not only get that, but would earn the PCA title.

After the deal it took about two hours before we had our heads up much. Panka raised with A-9 of spades pre, and then Baron moved all-in. Panka thought on it for a while and made the call. The flop came with all spades, giving him the flush and the nice pot. Baron officially went home in third. To start heads up play between Panka and McDonald, it was Panka holding a 16.9 million chip lead to the 13.655 million chips of McDonald.

McDonald grabbed that chip lead quickly though, and Panka looked to be in trouble. He evened it back up though, and it went back and forth for hours. Finally after three hours of heads up play we saw a big hand where Panka raised pre-flop, and McDonald called. Panka was holding Q-5, and McDonald had 9-7 on this hand. McDonald checked the 6-5-6 flop, and raised after Panka bet 1.2 million. The turn came with a King, and McDonald bet 1.5 million. Panka called, and when the Ten came on the river both players checked, giving Panka the win with a pair.

It took minutes of play after that before we saw the end happen, when Panka raised pre-flop and McDonald pushed his final 5.39 million chips into the middle. Panka called, turning over A-2, and was holding the lead against the 7-4 of clubs of McDonald. Panka paired his two, and McDonald hit a seven on the turn. Unfortunately for McDonald though, Panka hit an Ace on the river, and was now our 2014 EPT Main Event winner, and won the additional $100k as well.




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