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  • Dong-bin Han Wins APPT Cebu

    Monday, November 16th, 2009 by t2admin

PokerStars Asia Pacific Poker Tour Cebu Main Event Championship has ended and it was Dong-bin Han who came up with the win. Han had to face David Hilton in heads up play before the title could be claimed.

Three hundred and nineteen players competed in the APPT Cebu event which created a prize pool of PHP 29,086,420 which is exactly $622,036 in US dollars. During this tournament, before final table play would begin, fans would be able to enjoy the boxing match between Miguel Cotto and Manny Pacquiao. A large projection screen was placed in the tournament room to show the match and Pacquiao gave Cotto a beating which the poker audience seemed to enjoy.

After the fight ended, fans were ready to see the final table resume play. all nine players came back to the final table and it would not be long before the eliminations would start. Alexandr Tikholiz a PokerStars qualifier went out first followed by Phillip Willcocks another PokerStars qualifier. Nick Pronk, Mark Pagsuyuin, Terry Fan, Kevin Clark and Sim Somyung would follow suit and that would leave David Hilton a PokerStars qualifier and Dong-bin Han to compete in heads up play.

When heads up play began, both men were pretty equal in chip stacks but Han would be relentless in game and use aggression and pressure to earn the win. Han would three-bet before the flop or raise and check raise often. Hilton would gain a three to one chip lead only to lose it all to Han in the end. On the final hand Han’s pocket Queens were top notch against Hilton’s Q-J off suit and the tournament would be over with Han taking the first place win.

Final Results:
1 Dong-bin Han (Korea) PHP 7,410,000
2 David Hilton (USA) PokerStars Qualifier PHP 5,090,000
3 Sim Somyung (Korea) PHP 2,900,000
4 Kevin Clark (New Zealand) PokerStars Qualifier PHP 2,036,420
5 Terry Fan (Taipei) PokerStars Player PHP 1,450,000
6 Mark Pagsuyuin (Philippines) PHP 1,150,000
7 Nick Pronk (Netherlands) PokerStars Qualifier PHP 875,000
8 Phillip Willcocks (New Zealand) PokerStars Qualifier PHP 700,000
9 Alexandr Petrovich Tikholiz (Russian Federation) PokerStars Qualifier PHP 525,000




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