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  • Doyles Room Bad Beat Jackpot Nears Record High

    Tuesday, January 6th, 2009 by t2admin

DoylesRoom happily enlightened its members this weekend with the news that the online poker room’s Bad Beat Jackpot is nearing an unprecedented record high. What better way to ring in the New Year than walking away with your share of $153,000.

“Start your New Years resolution off right and let your opponent walk away with a win,” read the exciting email from Doyles Room Poker. “Pride yourself on taking the bad beat of the year as the largest Bad Beat Jackpot of 2009 continues to gain speed and value every day!”

Online poker fans can take a shot at their share of the excessive Bad Beat Jackpot by logging onto Doyle Room Pocker Lobby. Click on the Cash Games tab, followed by Bad Beat. You’ll notice that all Bad Beat tables are labeled with a “BB-” prefix before the table’s name.

In order to release the Doyles Room Bad Beat Jackpot, a player must lose a hand in the Showdown phase while holding Quad 8’s or better. Doing so will result in the raining down of the jackpot, dispersed among the loser, the winner and all participants at the table.

The exact dispersal is as follows:
70% is awarded as the Bad Beat Jackpot: 50% to the losing bad beat hand, 25% to the winner of the hand, 25% split evenly amongst all other participants in the hand.

The remaining 30% is divvied up into 2 parts; two-thirds to reseed the next Doyles Room Bad Beat Jackpot, with one-third going to administration.

So, time to go play online poker and lose big!




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