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    Thursday, December 2nd, 2010 by t2admin

Tom “Durrrr” Dwan & Dan “Jungleman12” Cates Play Weekend Session Against Each Other

If you follow the online poker scene, you’ll probably already know of the heads-up challenge between Tom Dwan and Dan Cates, but you may be wondering what happened to the challenge. Both players started out the challenge playing a lot of poker, but it’s been two months since the two players played any hands in the challenge.

When the challenge originally started Cates got out to a very fast start and held a huge lead on Dwan. After the weekend session these two players had Cates is up $645K, as Dwan managed to win $15K roughly off Cates this weekend. The two players ended up playing two sessions this weekend and the first session was actually won by Cates. The 2nd session however wasn’t as nice to Cates and he lost what he made plus an extra $15K on top of that.

Dwan was down over $800K at one point in the session on Friday, so he’s actually lucky to have won anything. Cates definitely won the majority of the hands during the two sessions, but Dwan managed to win the big pots that counted. Out of five pots that reached six figures, Dwan ended up winning two of them with the other 3 hands ending in a chop. If it weren’t for winning the big pots Tom would have had a terrible session and been down even more money in the challenge.

There is still plenty of time left in the 50,000-hand challenge and the way these two have been playing it could take years before they ever complete the challenge. I’m hoping that both players can find some time during the holidays to play some sessions, but after a 2-month break before this past session, my hopes aren’t high. You can watch Cates and Dwan finish the challenge by joining Full Tilt Poker.

New players are eligible for a $600 bonus from Full Tilt Poker when they sign-up for an account. You’ll also have the chance to play against Full Tilt Pros if you’re a tournament player or high stakes cash game player. The challenge has been exciting when they’ve found time to play, but I think Cates is going to win. If it weren’t for a couple big pots, Dwan would already be down a lot more. Cates is a great poker player and you may know him from his poker training videos at CardRunners, as he’s been an instructor on that site for a long time now.




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