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  • Dutch Boyd Puts Bracelet on eBay

    Friday, December 21st, 2012 by Ryan

In the poker world, we’ve read about some interesting stories in the past of players who have popped up all over the new for different reasons. This article though is about a well-known player who decided to sell one of his poker bracelets on eBay. The player is professional poker player Dutch Boyd, and he decided to see if he could get some cash for his bracelet on eBay. The bracelet that he decided to sell was a tournament bracelet from back in 2008 when he took down the $2,500 No Limit Hold’em event at the Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic. The event was held at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. He took down a nice pay day of $162,605 as well. For the length of the auction, it is set to go through this Saturday (December 22nd), so if you’re looking to get in on the action get on it soon!

According to the listing on eBay, the value of the bracelet is currently $2,644. He also was apparently offered just $1,500 by a gold buyer, but that could just be how much they were willing to pay for it. The bracelet itself is 14k gold, and weighs 83 grams. The 14k gold means that it is 58.33% gold, and Boyd stated that at the time of the auction the listing was $1,690 per ounce. His calculations are off just a bit on the total that he came up with, but regardless he has the number set for a potential buyer at $2,644, so anyone who wants their own bracelet can get this and call it their own.

There were quite a few bids flying in on the bracelet, and as of a day ago, this bracelet actually had a total of 22 bids placed on it. The reserve on the bracelet hadn’t been met, and at that point the total bid was up to $2,305. That’s a good chunk of change for the bracelet that he won for taking down that poker tournament. Boyd has been active on eBay quite a bit in the past, and has sold many different things ranging from different toys, things you would use around the house, and different electronics as well. He’s had a few things go up that were related to poker as well, and an example of this is when he sold three $25 World Series of Poker tournament chips back in 2011, and also sold two $500 tournament chips from the Wynn and he made a total of $158 for these sales.

If you’ve scanned eBay lately for additional bracelets though, you will also notice that there is another gold bracelet from a preliminary event at the 2006 World Series of Poker that is in the auction as well. Boyd has stated that this bracelet is not his though, and it had bids up to $4,950 already, with no reserve set on this bracelet.

In the past there have been multiple other players who have sold poker tournament bracelets on eBay. Two years back a Main Event bracelet was up for bid, but did not meet the reserve. The total that it was bid on for was up to $30,100, but the winner, Brad Daugherty posted it for more, so it did not sell. This bracelet was from 1991, and we also had a 1999 WSOP Razz bracelet on eBay back in 2010 sell by Paul “Eskimo” Clark for $4,050. Clark wasn’t the seller of this bracelet though. Also in 2010, T.J. Cloutier saw one of his bracelets sold by a pawn shop for $4,006, and interestingly the winning bidder was Cake Poker, who used the bracelet as a promotion, but they decided to return it back to Cloutier when all was said and done. Last but not least though was the sale of his 2008 Main Event gold bracelet by Peter Eastgate. The sale was for a massive $147,500, and when he sold it he announced that he was retiring from poker. He ended up not staying retired as we saw him back at the tables soon after, and he donated all of his winnings to UNICEF.




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