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  • Earn Your Seat in the New Season of PokerStars.net “The Big Game”

    Tuesday, February 8th, 2011 by t2admin

A new season of the PokerStars.net “The Big Game” has recently been announced and PokerStars is looking for the next loose cannon. If you’ve always wanted to play in “The Big Game” with some of the best poker players in the world, you’ll know have the chance to earn your seat into this legendary televised poker event. Earning a seat in the PokerStars.net “The Big Game” isn’t going to be easy, but it’s definitely possible with a lot of skill and a bit of luck.

You need to live in the USA or Canada in order to participate in the PokerStars.net Big Game. From now until the end of the year you can play in up to four daily Big Game qualifiers. You need to finish in the top 300 places only to win a seat into the Big Game round two qualifier. If you happen to finish in the top 1000 places in the round two qualifier you’ll be given a seat into one of the Big Game Finals, which is where you’ll have a chance to earn a seat into the Big Game.

The top 200 places in the PokerStars.net Big Game Finals will have the chance to create their own video about why they should be a loose cannon in the next season of the Big Game. Only one player from the 200 players that submitted videos will be selected to play against some of the world’s best poker players live in Las Vegas. PokerStars will award the loose cannon with a $100K buy-in that you get to use to play in a cash game against a few of the best high stakes players such as Daniel Negreanu.

The loose cannon will have the chance to try and make as much profit as they can in the cash game with the $100K buy-in that they get to use at the poker table. Any profit that the loose cannon makes during the cash game will be kept by the loose cannon and if you make money you’ll also be given the chance to come back and play again in the Big Game. The PokerStars.net Big Game has quickly become one of the most popular poker television shows on the air right now and it’s one of the few shows that every poker player wants to be apart of if they can.

Sign-up for a PokerStars account today so that you can start playing in the Big Game qualifiers. It isn’t everyday that you get to try qualifying for a seat in a high stakes cash game against pros you normally watch on television. The qualifiers don’t cost any money to play in so you don’t need to worry about losing any money while trying to become the next loose cannon.




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