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  • Edoardo Alescio Takes Down WPT Venice

    Tuesday, December 20th, 2011 by Ryan

Recently it seems that we’ve been reading quite a bit about players who are more well-known taking down the popular World Poker Tour tournaments and European Poker Tournaments. This one is quite a bit different though, as the winner of the recent World Poker Tour Venice is a player that is completely unknown, and this is actually his first ever live tournament cash as well. Edoardo Alescio decided to make his first ever live cash happen at the €3000 World Poker Tour Venice Main Event, so you could assume that the feeling that comes with your first ever live tournament cash was a bit better for him. While only 213 players entered into the event, the first place payday was still a nice €175,000 for his efforts.

The final table of this World Poker Tour event worked similar to the other ones, where only six players began. Alescio found himself in second place to enter the action with 1.714 million chips. He trailed closely behind Michele Caroli, who had a solid stack of 2.097 million chips. The four other players were Andrea Benelli with 1.143 million, Steve O’Dwyer with 501k chips, Alex Dovzhenko with 480k chips, and Andrea Dato with 461k chips. It took less than one hour for Alescio to take over the chip lead, and he had a lead of over one million chips at that point.

Dovzhenko was sent home in 6th place when his pocket 9’s couldn’t hold up against the A-K of O’Dwyer, and the eliminations were underway. After a bit of play, O’Dwyer ended up sending another knockout punch as he sent Benelli home in 5th place when his Q-10 hit the turn to beat the K-10 of Benelli. It wasn’t long before O’Dwyer scored another knockout, when Andrea Dato moved all in with K-9 and was called by the A-4 of O’Dwyer, the board missed both players and the Ace-high of O’Dwyer was good, sending Dato home in 4th place. This also gave O’Dwyer the chip lead as well.

This is where the action got very interesting, as Alescio was getting shorter and shorter and kept having to push all in. He actually shoved his stack in eight out of ten hands in one situation, and was never called by any opponents. Alescio was finally called on one of his all-in’s and he turned over A-Q, and was called by the A-J of Caroli. The board once again ran out with nothing, and Caroli was sent home in 3rd place.

This set up a heads up match between O’Dwyer and Alescio, and O’Dwyer held about a 3 to 1 chip lead. It actually got to the point where O’Dwyer was up about 5 million to 1 million in chips, but it all turned almost instantly for Alescio. It took only a few hands before Alescio found himself in the chip lead and holding around 4 million chips. O’Dwyer then moved all in with A-7 pre-flop and was called by the pocket 5’s of Alescio. The flop came down with a 7, but it also had a 5 in there to all but seal the deal for Alescio. O’Dwyer took home a nice consolation prize of €95,530 for his efforts.




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