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  • Eoghan O’Dea Finishes WSOP 2011 in 6th Place

    Sunday, November 13th, 2011 by Nadia

Eoghan O’Dea, the 26 year old WSOP finalist from Dublin, Ireland, is not just a poker player, he is a poker legacy. O’Dea, who is also known by his online persona ‘Intruder123’, is the son of Donnacha O’Dea. Eoghan’s father won his first WSOP bracelet in 1998 after beating Johnny Chan in a heads-up match to win the Pot Limit Omaha event, taking home $154,000. O’Dea was behind Martin Staszko by little more than 6 million chips.

Eoghan O’Dea’s Career Prior to WSOP 2011

Eoghan followed his father’s example and was one of the final contestants at the WSOP main event 2011. Within the first 8 days of the tournament, O’Dea had accumulated 33,925,000 chips which ensured his being ranked at 2nd place out of the nine returning players.

O’Dea is not new to Texas Hold’em. The Irish professional has many big wins to his credit, which include a win at the 2008 iPoker European Championship of Online Poker (III) where he won $315,000. He also finished second in the Ladbrokes Poker Million and won $260,000. Eoghan won second place at the WPT Marrakech (2009) and took home $378,227.

Journey to the Final Table

On day 1, O’Dea won 35,975 chips. Day 2 had his chips stack at 186,600. On day 3 he won 319,000. Day 4 saw him win 449,000. Day 5 concluded with him winning 929,000. On day 6 he won 2,535,000. Day 7 won him 19,500,000. He finished on day 8 with 33,925,000.

O’Dea climbed steadily through the player ranks until day 7 when he managed to accumulate a large stack. Most of his stack (19.5 million) was won through the pot he battled Hinrichsen over, towards the end of day 7. The day ended with O’Dea winning a pot of over 16 million. Hinrichsen was knocked out of the tournament at 23rd place.

Elimination at the Final Table

Eoghan was in good form at the beginning of the final day, betting most of his chips in a large pot versus Ben Lamb who had chosen to go all-in. O’Dea was holding cards which gave him an edge, an A9 versus Lamb’s Qc-8c. However, after the flop which gave out JJ6, Lamb had many outs and had a good chance of winning that hand. Finally, an 8 was dealt on the river and Lamb had a pair which helped him double up. O’Dea was left with only 2.6 million in chips.

A few hands later, Eoghan went all-in with the last of his chips. Martin Staszko managed to isolate O’Dea after a three-bet. The two entered into a heads up. Staszko had the advantage with pocket 8s. O’Dea had a Q6. The turn card gave O’Dea a straight but a blank on the river knocked him out of the competition.

O’Dea finished at 6th place and won $1,720,831. So far, Eoghan’s career has been extremely successful and has made appearances at other final tables at WPT and at WSOP Europe 2011. His total career winnings amount to more than $2.5 million.




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