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  • Epic Poker League Gives Doyle Brunson Lifetime Player Card

    Tuesday, December 13th, 2011 by Ryan

The Epic Poker League is known for hosting events that only feature the top players in the game, specifically because of their strict entry requirements that they require every player meet before playing in any event. The EPL has had it’s fair share of news regarding the players who have been involved in their events, and they haven’t all been good. Fortunately though, this one is a bit of interesting news, as the league has decided to grant a lifetime player card to one of the most well-known poker players in history. Doyle Brunson will receive this honor, and while he doesn’t prefer to play in poker tournaments against cash games, this essentially means that he will never have to meet any of the entry requirements to be allowed to play in an event.

This decision was made by the Executive Chairman of Federated Sports & Gaming, the group who also owns the Epic Poker League. His name is Jeffrey Pollack, and he made the decision based on the many contributions that Brunson has made to the game of poker in his career. Brunson is also one of the most successful poker players in the world, and all of this factored in to their decision to give Brunson this lifetime player card to the events. Annie Duke, who is a well-known player, and is also the Executive Vice Present of FS&G, and the Commissioner of the Epic Poker League; and she also had many nice things to say about one of the greatest players in the history of poker, and also about his lifetime exemption.

There are different tiers of membership cards offered to players, and Brunson currently had the 2-year Category A card, which means that he was eligible to play through the year 2013. Players must accomplish many feats in order to receive this card, starting with at least $2 million in lifetime tournament earnings, and the EPL states that a maximum of $1 million can come from one single poker tournament. Players also must have had at least six total cashes since the beginning of 2008, and earned at least $300k from those total cashes.

While Brunson can typically be found at either the high stakes cash game tables, or the World Series of Poker, he has yet to partake in any of the Epic Poker League events, mainly due to the fact that he has found himself typically sticking with cash games currently. Brunson issued a statement before stating that as he gets older, the tournaments are “getting too hard to come through”, so it’s not worth him going through any tournament grinds. He also said that he’s not planning on playing in many tournaments in the future.

The EPL’s Tournament Series Three Main Event is set to kick off this week in Las Vegas, at the well-known Palms Casino Resort. The action is set as a Mix-Max event, which means that on Day 1 the action is 8-handed, Day 2 is 7-handed and will then redraw down to 6-handed, Day 3 is 6-handed and then re-done down to 4-handed play after it gets to 12 players. After that Day 4 will be set with 4-handed play, and the final day is the heads up match. Heads up will be done quite a bit differently though, as the two players will play a best of three series for their heads up game. Even more entertaining about this, is that when heads up play beings for the first two matches, each player will start with the chip stack that they entered with, and the third match will have the players with even stacks from the get go.




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