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  • Equity Poker Network Brings Over Poker Host

    Sunday, April 13th, 2014 by Ryan

With the many movements that we’ve seen this year in the online poker
world, with one site moving from their original network to another, it’s no
surprise that the most recent news involves the movement of an online poker
room. The news is once again interesting as well, since the Equity Poker
Network (EPN) has bulked up their roster of online poker rooms by adding
the site PokerHost.com. Poker Host was originally a site under the Merge
Gaming Network, and they’ve been in business offering games since back in
2004. Things with PokerHost didn’t take off quite as they expected it to
though, and this may have something to do with the move to the Equity Poker

When Poker Host first got created, it was at the start of the online poker
boom, so we expected to see big things. They didn’t establish themselves
as a top tier site for whatever reason, and they’ve actually moved around a
bit between the networks, so Merge was not their first one. Their most
recent move is one that they are hoping to make a fairly permanent move,
and one that could help them build up their traffic and fan base as well.
It’s definitely interesting, as the move to a new network tends to help
the traffic of a site at least for a bit.

Now, this may not be the case in this situation though, as the Equity Poker
Network isn’t very big, or well known. They actually rank 35th overall in
terms of cash game traffic, and over the last seven days have an average of
170 cash game players. These numbers are more on par with one of the newer
United States’ poker sites, which shows you just how much work this network
needs to do. The addition of PokerHost.com is something they are hoping to
see help out their traffic a bit potentially as well. Both sides are
looking for some help, and are looking to see if the other one can give the
needed boost.

The Equity Poker Network does have a reason for the low traffic though, as
they were recently founded and created back in November of 2013. When it
was created it was known as a “non-profit” network, which was supposed to
change the way that online poker ran all together. They are known as
“cooperative” which means that instead of taking money away from the poker
rooms, they are supposedly supporting the rooms. With EPN, they do things
differently and the rooms pay just a flat fee of $10,000 per month instead
of giving a percentage of the revenues to the network.

The voting rights and the profit distribution are all dependent on the size
of the poker room itself, so all sites want to grow and improve, but they
do not do so by taking players from the other sites on the network.
Whichever poker room actually lands a player first is going to be the site
that gets their rake forever, so it doesn’t make sense to try to recruit
players from one site on the network over to another. One other thing that
EPN does differently is that they have a Shark/Winners Tax that makes the
sites on the network want to recruit recreational players instead of the
high stakes players.

Poker Host will now be the 11th site to come onto the Equity Poker Network.
You may not know all of the sites that are playing on EPN, but a few of
them include5dimes.eu, ActionPoker.com, and GearPoker.com. These sites are
are all pretty well-known, but what’s interesting about the EPN is that
they actually still accept United States based poker players. This means
that even if you don’t live in one of the states like New Jersey, Nevada,
or Delaware for example that accept US players, you can still play online.
They may not average a ton of players on a weekly basis, but they have
passed the Revolution Gaming Network, which also accepts United States
players. Before long they could end up passing Merge as well, as we’ve
seen them take quite a tumble recently.




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