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  • Event #2 in the Books at 2012 World Series of Poker

    Thursday, May 31st, 2012 by Ryan

The World Series of Poker is officially through two events in 2012. The first event was the Casino Employees event, while event #2 is a $1,500 No Limit Hold’em event which featured some of the biggest names in poker buying into it. On top of that though, we also saw some impressive names at the final table, and an eventual winner who took down the gold bracelet after trying quite a few other times.. The field for this event started with 2,101 players and was down to fifteen when things started up on Wednesday. There were quite a few well-known players remaining including Vanessa Selbst, JP Kelly, and Andrew Badecker, hwo all made it to the final table as well.

Things actually went pretty quickly though as it took about an hour for these 15 to play down to ten left, and the pros ended up being the ones to send the knockout punches. Selbst sent Kwinsee Khoa Tran to the rail in 14th, Kelly and Badecker took down Todd Keikoan in 13th, and Jacob Bazeley, who started they day at the top of the leaderboard sent Joseph Cino home in 11th place to set up the unofficial final table. To set the last nine, it was Brent Hanks sending home Kennii Nguyen in tenth place, leaving us with the push to the championship.

To start the action, Bazeley held the chip lead, but Hanks was currently sitting just behind him in second place. Badecker, Selbst, and Kelly who were the most dangerous players at the table fell just after in third, fourth, and sixth place. Fifth place was held down by Ryan Schmidt, and Michael Kaufman, Abdyl Konjuhi, and Richard Park were bringing up the rear of the field.

Park was the first player sent to the rail from the final table, and in a bit of a shocker it was Kelly who was sent home in 8th place after he was unable to really get anything going. Michael Kaufman was the next to go in 7th place and the players then went to the dinner break. After the break Hanks sent home Konjuhi in 6th, and Vanessa Selbst wasn’t able to move up instead of down and found herself sent home in fourth place after Schmidt was sent packing in fifth.

This left the well-known pro in Badecker, the original chip leader in Bazeley, and the player who had kept pushing his way up in Hanks. Interestingly, Bazeley and Hanks came together on a hand to beat Badecker and send him home in two separate hands. First Bazeley made a King high full house against a Queen high full house for Badecker, while Hanks sent the knockout blow when his Queens held against his opponents’ pocket tens. Heads up play then began with Hanks holding a one million chip lead over Bazeley.

This match went on for three full hours with the players going back and forth for what made up an incredible match. Ont he second to last hand the two got it all in and Bazeley’s pocket nines were up against the A-8 of Hanks. Hanks was able to hit an Ace on the flop, and with less than a big blind left, Bazeley was sent out on the very next hand in second place. For his win, Hanks took down $517,725 and his first gold bracelet. Before this though he had made it to three other WSOP final tables in his career.




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