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  • Everleaf Poker Network Takes Their Leave From US Market

    Friday, February 10th, 2012 by Ryan

After Black Friday hit on April 15th, 2011, many people were left wondering where exactly they could play online poker if they were playing in the United States. There were a few online poker networks that were still taking action from US players, but the numbers were getting limited. It looks like they’ve officially gotten a bit more limited now as the Everleaf Poker Network has dealt with a bit of fire from the United States government, and will be withdrawing from the United States, and the French markets soon. The most well-known site on the Everleaf Network is the Minted Poker skin, which features a good number of players daily.

Part of this hit definitely has something to do with the fact that the Everleaf Poker Network has lost their main payment processor for the United States players out there, which means that there are huge delays on players attempting to get money off of the site. Apparently, some of the money that was being processed was held back, by what ended up being the Department of Homeland Security. They have now put out a letter to cease and desist from the United States market, and there are also threats of legal action against the online poker network.

For players who currently use the site, it looks like Everleaf is in talks with the Department of Homeland Security to retrieve the funds and get the money back to the players who were attempting to withdraw. Overall though, the Lottery and Gaming Authority of Malta has made it obvious that they think that the Everleaf Network should take their leave from the market, and focus on other countries where they are allowed to offer online poker without any issues.

This means more than just the fact that Minted Poker and other networks will no longer be in the US, because it also means that other online poker networks that allow action in the United States aren’t in the clear yet. There are quite a few networks out there that still offer their sites to US players, and it will be interesting to see what happens if Everleaf Poker is fully out of the US. The new announcement that is expected out of the site will state that no one in the United States, France, or Malta will be allowed to open an account, play, or be involved with the site in any other way.

In terms of overall traffic, Everleaf ranked in 27th currently, and their numbers were currently rising. It seems that about 20% of the traffic on the site was from United States players, so the Everleaf Poker Network could potentially still keep their head above water. We’ll keep you updated on the situation out at the Everleaf Poker Network, and also do our best to help out any United States poker players in getting any funds on the site. There has been no announcement about what will happen with players funds as time goes on, and also what will happen if the site does stop allowing United States players.




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