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  • Final Nine Set for 2012 WSOP Main Event

    Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 by Ryan

It is official, the most talked about poker tournament in the world is down to it’s final nine players. It took quite a few days and a ton of poker for it to happen, but the nine players who are still remaining will be playing for one of the biggest prizes in poker, which officially is worth more than $8.5 million. It took into the wee hours of the morning for the 27 starting players from the day to work their way down to the final nine, and while there are nine incredibly talented players there, many people are left a bit disappointed at how the end of the day went for two specific players. Just before the day was done, and we had our final nine players set, we had two eliminations left to decide who would make up the October Nine. Still remaining of course were the two women who had worked their way all the way deep into this tournament in Gaelle Baumann and Elisabeth Hille.

It hasn’t been since back in 1995 that a female has made the WSOP Main Event’s final table, and that was Barbara Enright who went on to finish in fifth place. In this year’s Main Event though it was Baumann and Hille with the final 27 fighting to be one of the final table players. When the day began, Hille was in a great spot sitting in fifth place in chips, while Baumann was sitting in 20th place. As the day went on, the two were doing fine, and when they got down to the final 15 players, both were still in the action, all the way down to the final 11 players.

Hille put her tournament life at risk when she three-bet all-in for 3.465 million chips and was called down by Andras Koroknai with 7-7. The flop came down with 4-3-J and was no help, but the turn of a K gave her outs for a straight including two overcards. Unfortunately, the final card was a 3, sending her home in 11th place and just short of the Main Event’s final table. This meant that we had one more elimination to make before we were down to the final nine, and Baumann was beginning to get short herself. After just 11 hands of ten handed play, she had doubled up twice though, and was sitting in a pretty good spot to be one of the final nine.

The last hand of the night featured a raise from Baumann who moved all-in from the hijack position for 5.2 million with A-9. It was Koroknai once again who was the small blind, and called with A-J. Baumann needed help, and the flop of 3-Q-Q didn’t bring that. The turn was an 8, and the river was a K, sending Baumann home in 10th place, and leaving our final nine without one of the final two females.

Now, when the final table action resumes in October, we’ll see Jess Sylvia leading the field with 43,875,000 chips, and a very nice lead on his closest opponent in Koroknai, with 29,375,000. Interestingly, out of all of these nine players, only one of them is from out of the United States, and that is Koroknai, who is from Hungary. The other players left are Greg Merson (28.725 million), Russell Thomas (24.8 million), Steve Gee (16.86 million), Michael Esposito (16.26 million), Robert Salaburu (15.155 million), Jacob Balsiger (13.115 million), and Jeremy Ausmus (9.805 million).




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