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  • Final Results for 2012 EPT Deauville Main Event

    Tuesday, February 7th, 2012 by Ryan

The 2012 European Poker Tour’s Main Event was down to its final table, and while the event is taking place in Deauville, France, five of the final eight players were actually playing in their home country for this event. One player who stands out from the list of the remaining eight though is one of the more well-known players out there, and also a player who currently is a Team PokerStars Pro. This is none other than Luca Pagano, who is from Italy, and found himself starting the day sitting in sixth place out of eight, so he definitely had his work cut out for him.

The numbers between this years and last years total entrants into the event are nearly identical, as a total of 889 players bought in this year, while 891 bought in last year. The European Poker Tour’s Deauville event is one of the first events to not see a major decline, as 2012 has not been a great one in terms of having live poker tournaments with incredibly large numbers of players so far. This was the fifth day of the event, and while Pagano entered the day as the chip leader, he fell off a bit and entered the final day with 2,010,000 chips. What makes this run by Pagano even more impressive is the total stats that he’s put up at the European Poker Tour in his career. For starters, he has a total of 20 EPT Main Event cashes on his resume, and also has seven European Poker Tour final tables on the resume as well!

The player who started the day in first place was one of the five remaining french players, Paul Guichard with 5,955,000 chips. It’s a close race though, as Vadzim Kursevich was just behind him with 5,670,000 chips. The other players who made it to the final table for the last day of action on Monday were Olivier Rogez (4,415,000 chips), Bruno Jais (3,450,000 chips), Vuong Than Trong (2,570,000 chips), Yorane Kerignard (1,680,000 chips), and Mick Graydon (960k chips).

When all was said and done, Guichard was unable to hold on to that chip lead, as it was Vadzim Kursevich who got the job done. Graydon was the first player to be eliminated at just around the two hour mark, and it was none other than Pagano who was sent home just after that, and his A-J off suit was unable to improve against the pocket 9’s of Trong. When it came down to it, it was none other than Guichard and Kursevich for the championship though, and Kursevich simply held a huge 7 to 1 chip lead over his opponent. It didn’t hold though, as Guichard came all the way back and almost evened things up. They two were all in as Guichard had bottom set, and Kursevich had a straight draw and a flush draw, and the river gave him his straight.

Kursevich took home a nice payday of €875,000, while Guichard got a second place consolation prize of €557,000. It was a close one in the end, but it came down to a race that Kursevich was able to win.




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