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  • Final Table at WPT Marrakech Features Poker Champions

    Tuesday, November 29th, 2011 by Nadia

The WPT Marrakech event proved to be a big hit with the European poker community. Entering the final day of play, three of the world’s most renowned poker players left their mark on the tournament and made it to the final table.

Initial Rounds of the Event

The initial field for the event was 274 players. Each put in €3000, building a prize pool of almost €651,000. Out of the 274, only 33 earned the minimum cash payout of €5,159. The prize for first place was €163,493.

Duhamel Dominates the Table

Jonathan Duhamel, the World Championship winner (2010) stood out from the crowd with his exceptionally well played game. He single handedly knocked several top players out of the tournament. Some of these players were: Costa Bataille, Surinder Sunar and Chris Lastiwka. Additionally, he drastically reduced the stacks of Touhami Zekhnini and Jerome Barr. This occurred while playing the board which featured K-10-6-5-J. Jonathan managed to get both players to call his bet which was 85,000 on the river card. Duhamel subsequently formed a straight thanks to the river card, while his opponents only held kings.

Another player who took part in all the action was Bertrand Grospellier, also known as ElkY. Bertrand devastated Said El Yousfi, holding pocket kings while Said only had pocket jacks. After this hand, Grospellier’s stack exceeded the 900,000 mark.

Arnaud Mattern was also responsible for some of the eliminations. He knocked Reda Med Jouahri out of the tournament and quickly grossed more than a million in chips. Arnaud will also be seated at the final table of the event.

The Final Table Battle

The 9th, 8th and 7th seats are held by Arnaud Mattern, Hassan Fares and Sebastien Ta respectively. The first three seats are occupied by Grospellier, Houssam and Assous. The other seats are held by Maksim Martinov, Jonathan Duhamel and Toufisk Ourini.

Duhamel remained active at the table, adding more chips to his stack during a key hand. Prior to the flop, Jonathan raised the stakes and went toe to toe with Hassan Fares over a rainbow board featuring K-7-6. Both Duhamel and Fares were hoping for an 8 on the turn. Fares wagered 10,000 but Duhamel called immediately, his K-9 putting him ahead of Fares who only held a J-9. This hand helped further Jonathan’s position in the tournament.

Mattern won a large pot early in the play and assumed the chips lead. At loggerheads with Houssam over a board which read 9-6-5-7-4, he was finally able to get Houssam to call before getting 8-7 from the river card. Mattern’s flopped straight worked for the best, making him the leader of the pack.

Grospellier Leaves in 8th Place

Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier was not as lucky as Mattern. After winning a hand against Martinov early in the game, ElkY then lost a larger hand to him only minutes later. The flop turned out J-9-6 and Grospellier led initially but Martinov went all-in. Bertrand called and put down A-J as a top pair. However, Martinov topped his cards with a pair of pocket 6s. After this move, Grospellier’s stack fell to 260,000 while Martinov’s stack rose to 1.2 million. Bertrand was soon eliminated in 8th with €23,203.




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