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  • First Legal Poker Room Launched in the United States

    Wednesday, May 1st, 2013 by Ryan

The world of online poker has officially made a major league turn. After Black Friday two years ago, we saw the United States basically lose all of their access to big time poker games and of course the largest online poker sites in the world. Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, Ultimate Bet, Absolute Poker, and others were all forced to leave the United States, and three of the four of those were closed down not long after that. As you know by now, the only site that made it through the tough time back then was the massive PokerStars, who has officially remained at the top and just continues to show why doing things right is always the best way to do it. They do not accept United States players currently, but a new age is coming, as it was officially announced that online poker will be back in the United States.

The company Ultimate Gaming, which is a subsidiary of Station Casinos LLC, has officially launched its first hand on Tuesday morning at the poker site Ultimate Poker. The first ever hand was dealt at 9:00am PST, and this is currently the first ever legal, regulated online poker room to ever come into the United States. While there are many great parts about this, it has to start off only being open to players who are located inside of the Nevada state borders. It is possible that Nevada could end up eventually entering into interstate gambling compacts with other states in the US as well.

For starters, any players who are 21 or older are able to create an account at Ultimate Poker, even if you are located outside of Nevada. With that being said, you will only be able to take part in the cash games if you are located inside Nevada, and Ultimate Poker will be verifying this. The site is going to be triangulating a customers cell phone signal, which is definitely new to the online poker world. This means that you are going to need to have a mobile phone number in order to have an account at Ultimate Poker, and you are going to receive a text in order to confirm your account before you can start playing as well.

There were a few different points brought up on the popular Two Plus Two forum about ways that people could potentially get around the mobile phone situation. They stated that someone could potential just getting phones for their friends in Nevada so that they are able to play out of state, but the Poker Product Manager at Ultimate Poker, Chris Danek, said that they had brought this into consideration already, and that it can’t happen. He made sure that everyone knew that the whole “be in Nevada” thing is being taken incredibly seriously, and that players will not be able to participate in the action unless they are in Nevada.

Interestingly, since Ultimate Poker is owned by Stations Casinos, players are going to be able to deposit and withdraw money from any Station Casino out there. This includes different locations such as Green Valley Ranch, Sunset Station, Red Rock, Boulder Station, and Palace Station. You are going to be able to drive right down the street after your play if you want and just get money straight into your hand, which is an incredibly massive perk from Ultimate Poker. Also, if they choose to, players can of course still get their winnings through electronic checks, physical checks, bank wires, and credit card payments as well.

While there have been quite a few different companies that have been licensed to operate online poker in Nevada, Ultimate Gaming is very different. They actually developed their own poker software for this site, while other licensees have actually partnered up with other companies that had a product already. They have gone through the phases such as independent testing and the approval processes to make sure that things are good to go. Obviously to get to this point people were impressed, and it has added quite a bit of good hype behind Ultimate Poker as well.




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