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  • First Player Ever to Hit $10 Million in Online Tournament Winnings

    Tuesday, October 1st, 2013 by Ryan

We’ve seen the big time scores in major tournaments that can get in the upwards of the $1 or $2 million mark, and of course the World Series of Poker Main Event where we see around $8 million get paid out. Regardless, that’s a whole lot of money, but in the online poker world it’s obvious that winning that much money isn’t quite as easy to do. The tournaments aren’t as massive in terms of their buy-in sizing and the number of tournaments (unless it’s a smaller tournament with a big guarantee attached to it). Either way though, making millions of dollars in online poker is something that we can all dream about, but almost no one is really capable of doing. Even the online high stakes poker players who are the best have made a few million, which is insanely impressive, but it’s not quite as impressive as Chris Moorman.

Chris Moorman has proven why he is one of the best online poker players in the world, and we have to congratulate him for proving that to everyone with the fact that he’s now passed the $10 million mark in lifetime online tournament winnings in his career. That’s an incredible feat, and that number doesn’t even include what he’s won outside of the online poker world. There are many tracking sites that keep up with the many different players’ stats in terms of online profits, and this is where the information has come from, and it’s fairly amazing.

The $10 million mark was surpassed this past weekend in a $200+$15 tournament that had a $30,000 guarantee on PartyPoker. He was able to pull in the win in this event to score a nice $9,651.50. Moorman posted a thanks on the Pocket Fives forum to thank everyone who has followed and supported him throughout his poker career. The exact quote from Moorman said “Thanks for all the support and kind messages along the way it feels great to finally get there. The last $50k felt so hard lol Now it’s time to get to work on the next 10 million tomorrow!”

What a great mindset from the poker pro, and he got things rolling in the right direction without a doubt, as he’s already won an additional $13,352 since hitting the $10 million mark. This $10 million feat that he’s hit isn’t the only thing that he’s known for now, as he’s also going to be the only player there for quite a while. The reason for this is because no other player has even hit $7 million in online tournament earnings. Currently there are three players who are near $6.8 million, and another six who have more than $6 million in total profit online.

One of the largest scores online had to be Full Tilt Poker’s $1,000 Monday $2 million. This was run way back on March 28th of 2011, and it was right before black Friday. He ended up getting third place in that tournament and pulled in $235,592. He also has another cash of more than $200,000, which was a second place finish in Full Tilt Poker’s FTOPS Event #17 in August of 2009. Moorman has won a total of 226 tournaments according to the stats, and he’s also gotten second in 146 events, and third in 182 events.

Moorman has also brought in the most Triple Crown awards, with 15. The Triple Crown is when a player is able to win three different tournaments on three different online poker sites over a seven day period. These tournaments have to have at least 100 players buy-in to qualify for the Triple Crown. They also need to have at least a $10,000 prize pool, and with his total of 15, that leaves him four ahead of the next closest player.

Quite an incredible feat for Moorman, and he’s definitely one of the scariest and strongest online poker players in the game. He’ll be a player to watch moving forward both online and in the live poker world as well. If you see Moorman at one of your tables online in a tournament, make sure to give him a congrats, and then do your best to take his chips, which is something that people obviously are having trouble doing!




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