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  • Four Handed Event at 2013 WSOP Crowns Champion

    Monday, June 24th, 2013 by Ryan

One of the more interesting events at the 2013 World Series of Poker has to be the Four Handed No Limit Hold’em event. This was number 38 on the schedule, and featured a $2,500 buy-in. The tournament drew in a solid prize pool and some very strong players, but when we were down to the final day of the action, it was expected that we wouldn’t have to wait very long for a champion to be crowned. The final day of action started with only eight players, which was two tables of action. Compared to most other final days of World Series of Poker tournaments, this one definitely didn’t last incredibly long, as it took only around six and a half hours for a champion to be crowned, and the victory went to Justin Oliver from Toronto. This gave him his first ever WSOP gold bracelet, and also a very nice pay day of $309,071.

When Day 3 began, it wasn’t an easy task for Oliver though, as he was sitting in 7th place out of the final eight players. He had only 300,000 chips, and this left him with a stack that was about 1/3 of the chip leader, David Pham, who had 911,000. Oliver was able to knock out the short stack pretty early on though, in Mike DeGilio in seventh place, and this sent his chip stack up to 600,000 chips. He then went on to double up through Pham around an hour later on a hand that was very interesting. Pham didn’t look like he really wanted to show what he was holding, but it started with him raising to 30,000 and Oliver re-raising to 60,000. Pham then four bet to 150,000 and Oliver just called. The flop came with 3-8-8, and Pham bet 150,000, leading to a call from Oliver. A 2 on the turn led to double checks, and then a 4 on the river. Pham bet out though with 140,000 and Oliver decided to shove 360,000 chips. Pham sat and thought and made the call, and when Oliver showed two Aces, Pham attempted to muck, but was forced to show. He didn’t want to show and attempted to muck again, but the tournament director forced him to show his J-3 of diamonds.

Oliver was sitting pretty now with 1.2 million chips. There was a massive hand just a bit after that in the day, but it didn’t feature Oliver. It was between Nick Schwarmann, Pham, and John Juanda. This happened when only five players were left in the action, and Schwarmann bet 32,000 pre-flop, and both other players made the call. The flop came with Q-3-4, Juanda checked, Schwarmann bett 43,000, and Pham called. Juanda then moved all-in, and Schwarmann snap called. Pham sat and waited to make a decision, and after a very long debate he decided to make the call. Some felt that it had a good bit to do with how he would have finished if he got knocked out (he would receive more for 4th place than 5th, it was a fairly big jump). Schwarmann showed A-7 of spades for the flush draw, and Pham unfortunately had the same draw with K-J. Juanda on the other hand had Q-2 for top pair. The turn was a 5d, but the river came with the 3 of spades, and sent Juanda home in fifth and Pham home in fourth place.

After we saw Jared Jaffee knocked out in third, it was a massive chip lead for Schwarmann going into the heads up play. Oliver was down around 6 to 1 in chips, and had a major uphill battle. Oliver was able to keep chipping up though, and also double up a few times, and finally he was able to double on two hands out of five. Schwarmann came back from there though, but Oliver was able to double AGAIN and grab a chip lead of 2.515 million to 1.100 million chips.

The final hand came when Schwarmann attempted to bluff a missed straight draw on the river, and Oliver called the bet with top pair. This gave the gold bracelet to Oliver and the top pay day as well. For second place, Schwarmann took home a very solid $191,434.




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