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    Monday, October 31st, 2011 by Nadia

The World Poker Tour Finals held at Foxwoods saw 189 players participating and trying to win a part of the prize pool of $1,778,300. The winner of the first place will take home around $450,000. At the end of Day 3, 27 players remained in the tournament. Each of the players is now guaranteed a payout of at least $19,916.

Day 3: Who Led the Pack?

The current World Poker Tour player of the year, Andy Frankenberger, is leading with 658,500 chips. Jack Schanbacher is next with 483,500 chips. Some of the others who are still in the running are: Hoyt Corkins, Bernard Lee, Jonathan Little, Matt Glantz, Cornel Cimpan and Allen Kessler.

Frankenberger started out Day 3 as the leader of the pack and used his ranking to his advantage. He eliminated Alan Sternberg in the space of one hand. Sternberg was also a WPT champion. The WPT Live Reporters said that there were around 60,000 chips in the pot when the showdown began. Sternberger needed an Ace on the river to win but luck favored Frankenberger and a Jack of Diamonds was drawn. Frankenberger finished with quadruple Jacks and succeeded in upping his stack value to 327,500.

Day 3: Who Failed to Make the Cut?

Day 3 saw the elimination of many players. Some of these were: Erik Seidel, David ‘Doc’ Sands, Dana Kellstrom, Dwyte Pilgrim, Chris Tryba, Jason Mercier, Justin Zaki and Jeff Forrest (last year’s winner).

Mercier was eliminated when, in an early position, he raised to 4,000 and got calls from both the blinds. Lee Markholt wagered 6,000 from the small blind, following which Andy Rossi raised 16,000 from the big blind, and Mercier made a three-bet and raised to 30,200. In the end, Mercier got out at 39th place and Rossi raised his stack value up to 300,000.

Alistair Melville was the unfortunate player who ended up being knocked out on the bubble at 28th place. Melville was initially handicapped by Matt Stout and went all in from the big blind. Dan Colman limped while in the middle position. Hoyt Corkins came in from the small blind and Christian Harder called while he was still on the button.

To win a spot in the top 27, Melville had to defeat all three of his opponents. The competition was intense when all the other three players checked the Qd-8h-4h flop and 5C on the turn. In retaliation, Harder wagered 10,000 when 7s was drawn on the river. Corkins folded soon after, followed by Colman who tossed aside a Kc and a Kh. Melville was finally beaten by Harder.

Day 3: Final Rankings According to the Chip Count

Andy Frankenberger came in at first place with 658,800 chips. Next was Jack Schanbacher with 483,500. Christian Harder was at third place with 378,500. Larry Greenberg took fourth with 360,000. Jonathan Little came in fifth with 355,000. Andy Rossi was at sixth place with 352,000. Steven Brackesy was seventh with 339,000. At eight place was Daniel Santoro with 331,000. Michael Dentale was ninth with 250,000. Peter Politano made it to tenth place with 237,000.




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