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  • Frederik Jensen Takes Down EPT Madrid Main Event

    Monday, March 19th, 2012 by Ryan

The European Poker Tour’s Madrid Main Event is officially in the books, and it was an event that was filled with quite a few players who made it in through different qualifiers, as well as quite a few professional players that the poker fans out there would know. In the end though, it was a pretty unknown player who took down the event, which was his first ever professional poker championship win. This was a player from Denmark by the name of Frederik Jensen, and his win at the EPT Madrid Main Event at the Casino Gran Madrid was not only a nice pay day for him, but was an incredibly nice win as well.

As we previously touched on, the final table was set when Mike “Timex” McDonald was sent home as the bubble boy in the event. The final table for the action was set as an eight person table, which meant that McDonald was the ninth person sent home. The action started on Saturday with Ricardo Ibanez holding an 800k chip lead over the next closest player in Fraser Macintyre. The eventual winner though was only 1.1 million behind, and definitely was within striking distance when the day began.

As far as the eliminations for the day went, Jason Duval was the first player sent home in 8th place, when Andrei Stoenescu sent him home. The lone well-known poker pro at the table Nicolas Levi attempted to battle back after starting the day as the short stack, but his day was cut short in 7th place when Bruno Lopes knocked him out. Lopes wasn’t done there though, as he also sent home Ilan Boujenah in 6th place, and was looking like a serious contender to take down the entire tournament at this point in time. After this knockout, Lopes was in second place behind only Macintyre, and Ibanez was in third place overall. This left our eventual winner as the short stack with five left to go, and only had 1.3 million.

It took more than an hour before we were set up for four handed play, but eventually Ibanez and Stoenescu got into a big hand. Stoenescu put out the original raise and Ibanez pushed back over the top attempting to get Stoenescu to lay down his hand. He choose just the opposite though as he made the huge call and turned over his pocket Queens. Ibanez held only A-2, and he was unable to improve, sending him home in 5th place. Stoenescu held the chip lead for a bit, but then lost a big pot after that, and the players took their dinner break.

Just after the break came a massive hand between Jensen and Lopes, as the flop came out with 7-6-3, and the two got it all in on this flop. Lopes was holding a monster in pocket Kings, but Jensen had quite a few outs when he turned over 6-5 for middle pair and a straight draw as well. A five came on the turn to give Jensen two pair, meaning that Lopes would either need to pair the board or hit a King in order to take over the power in the hand. He was unable to hit, and Lopes was left with just 600k in chips and Jensen was sitting as the chip leader. Lopes was indeed the next player sent home, setting up three handed play, and all three decided to go with a deal. The deal gave Jensen the largest payout at €385,000, Stoenescu €330,000, and Macintyre €290,000. This also left a nice €110,000 for the three players to play for, and it only took about an hour for the three to play down to a winner.

Jensen first sent home Stoenescu setting up the heads up match between himself and Macintyre, and he was also holding a 2 to 1 chip advantage at this point as well. It took two big hands before he was able to extend that lead to a 5 to 1 chip advantage, and the last hand featured Macintyre going all in with A-9. Unfortunately for him, Jensen turned over A-10 and had him dominated. It held, and Jensen not only won the championship, but also took home the additional €110,000.




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