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    Monday, November 9th, 2009 by t2admin

Event #4 of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series XIV finished up on November 6th and has 1,406 players competing. This event was a $200 plus $16 no limit hold’em tournament which allowed one re-by and one add-on and had a guaranteed prize pool of $600,000.

The guaranteed prize pool was increased by $59,400 as 979 re-buys and 912 add-ons were purchased. Andrew Black was the host for the event and eighteen other Full Tilt Poker pros joined him in the tournament. those included in the action were: David Pham, Berry Johnston, Scott Fischman and Huck Seed.

When final table play began the competition would be between mostly unknown and a few good players. The two well-known players at the final table of event # 4 were Doc Sands and ProbBluffingYou. In large tournaments such as this, with so many available satellites and qualifiers, the tournament is made up of unknowns the majority of the time.
Play would be crazy as many seemed as though they did not want to go all in. when it finally came down to heads up play it was online players archwatcher and Kiv56 who would be left to duke it out. Archwatcher would be in the chip lead as he had built this chip stack early. But he used it in large amounts to try and earn the win only to lose too many to Kiv56 who would eventually take down the first place win.

Final table standings and payouts:
1st – Kiv56 – $141,771
2nd – archwatcher – $89,678.40
3rd – Ballzdeepx – $66,599.40
4th – ProbBluffingYou – $52,752
5th – Doc Sands – $39,564
6th – nomaddman – $28,354.20
7th – YrrsiN – $18,463.20
8th – Cowboy3362 – $13,188
9th – GoCubsGo969 – $9,231.60




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