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    Monday, November 16th, 2009 by t2admin

Event #9 of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series XIV was a $500 plus $35 Deepstack Heads up event. this tournament sold out very early and was capped at 1,025 players. The event had a $500,000 guarantee but ended up offering $512,000 in prize money. Players would have to compete for twelve hours before a winner would be named.

Several top players competed in this event including the tournaments host Scott Fischman. Sponsored by FullTilt, Fischman is known for winning two WSOP bracelets. Sixteen other Full Tilt Red Pros joined Fischman in the tournament. those included were: Huck Seed, Taylor Caby and Phil Gordon. Brian Hastings and Jeff Madsen managed to finish in the money during the tournament.
Heads up play finally began between online player’s willb77 and cczzarr. It would take almost 100 hands before a winner would be decided. After a few hands it seemed as though willb77 had it in the bag after he dropped cczzarr down to just 1,300 in chips but cczzarr managed to hold on and get back to the original 3,000 chip starting stack.

At this point the chips are flying and both players are trading the chip lead. Willb77 eventually gained the lead for the last time and made an all-in move from the button holding pocket fours. Cczzarr called from the big blind with A-Q and the 9-6-3 flop was no help to him. The 3 on the turn and 5 on the river kept Willb77 in the lead and cczzarr would finish in second place.

Final Results:
1st: willb77 ($89,088)
2nd: cczzarr ($53,248)
3rd: biftaraf ($27,136)
4th: Greg “DuckU” Hobson ($27,136)
5th: glogow ($14,336)
6th: Laurence “whatariver1” Houghton ($14,336)
7th: Joe “JBlaze20” Chaplin ($14,336)
8th: Kevin “KevboyStar” Stani ($14,336)




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