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    Wednesday, February 27th, 2013 by Ryan

Full Tilt Poker is fully back in business after that huge purchase that PokerStars made, and they’ve been continually building up the traffic yet again. While PokerStars still currently holds the top spot in the rankings in terms of overall traffic, their new sister site in Full Tilt now comes in second place. While a large number of these players are likely to dabble in both the cash games and the tournaments, they’ve recently made an announcement about their tournament play, which is something that many players are definitely going to love. The news came out this past Friday when they announced that every single tournament on their schedule is now going to feature a guaranteed prize pool, something that has never been done in online poker history before, and that’s definitely going to draw some attention.

First off, a guaranteed prize pool means that no matter how many players buy-in to an event, that there is a set number of money guaranteed to get paid out. So if $1,000 is guaranteed in a tournament, but only $900 in total buy-ins are from players, then the extra $100 will be paid out by the site. On top of this though, any amount of money that goes over that guarantee will go into the prize pool as well. The new tournament game plan started up at Full Tilt earlier this week, and players are going to find that they are going to have a good idea of what the prize pool will be at a minimum for every single event, and that’s something that is worth talking about.

The press release that came out from Full Tilt stated that at least one guaranteed poker tournament is going to start up at least every ten minutes, so players will constantly have a big game to get into with a nice guarantee. In total, you’ll find that there are going to be up to 225 total tournaments starting each day of the week. The poker room is going to be changing the schedule constantly just like all sites will do, but they have stated that they are going to run a wide range of different poker tournaments. These tournaments will include things like 28-30 rush poker tournaments, 15-20 multi-entry tournaments, 10-15 re-buy events, and 6-8 multi chance tournaments each day of the week.

You’ll find that the tournaments are going to feature a wide range of buy-in options as well. So the high dollar players as well as the low stakes grinders are both going to have events to play in throughout the day. A good number of the new guaranteed events that you’ll see are going to feature low buy-in’s and smaller guarantees as well. The tournaments that feature buy-in’s of $1 and $2 are going to have guarantees that range from $100 to $500 in most cases out there. A good number of the smaller buy-in tournaments will see prize pools that reach to $1000, and these are going to give the low stakes players some strong chances to build up their bankrolls with a nice finish.

The daily guarantees vary quite a bit, but one that looks to be the largest and probably one of the more popular is going to be the Tyrannosaurus Rex, which is going to start at 15:00ET, and is going to have a $150+$13 buy-in. The tournament will feature a $25,000 guaranteed prize pool, and this is definitely a strong daily option. The biggest tournaments that Full Tilt, and most online poker sites run are going to be found on Sunday’s, and this stands true here as they offer a $350,000 guaranteed tournament with a $200+$16 buy-in.

Throughout the month of March at Full Tilt Poker, you are going to see more than $25 million in guaranteed prize pools set up to run at one of the most popular online poker sites out there. They have also announced that they are going to be changing their tournament lobby coming up soon, and also offer two new tournament formats that are going to be very unique. When any additional news is released about these we’ll be sure to give you the information on them.




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