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  • Full Tilt Poker Adds New Games and Updates Software

    Thursday, March 14th, 2013 by Ryan

Just because Full Tilt Poker has made it back to the top, finding themselves currently sitting in second place in the rankings behind only their sister site in PokerStars, doesn’t mean that they aren’t making constant changes to improve their site all around. Full Tilt Poker’s rise from the ashes has been incredibly impressive, and in all honesty it was pretty shocking as well. Not many people expected them to make it all the way back to the top and come back this strong, but since PokerStars was the one who purchased them, it makes sense as to how they’ve been able to come back in such a strong fashion. They still have the same great software and excellent games as well, and fortunately for fans, they have decided to up the bar even more. Full Tilt has officially announced that they have added new games, and even updated their already strong software.

The changes to Full Tilt Poker’s website definitely drew a lot of attention, and the players were interested to see what the changes were overall. The first thing that was noticed was the software update that came a few days ago on Monday morning. The update made a few different improvements overall, and they included things like an upgrade to the tournament functionality that should make things better and much easier for players all-around, but they also added the additional games that are intriguing also.

There were two total games added, and first we’ll take a look at them and explain them a bit more. The first one is a game that you’ve probably played, or at least heard of before. This is a little game called Five Card Stud, and if you’ve ever played it before then you probably know that this game on Full Tilt is going to feature one down card and four up cards. You are going to see that the one down card will be dealt to you right off the bat, and the betting rounds will work the same as Seven Card Stud do.

Now, the other game is an interesting game that should get a good following, and it’s one that you’ll want to get a bit of practice on before jumping into the action too in-depth. It is called Irish Poker, and is going to be similar to Texas Hold’em, but is much, much crazier than the popular game. There is a ton of action in this game, which has made it a popular addition already, and instead of getting the standard two down cards that you are used to, you’ll get four cards in this game. When the flop comes down, players are then going to have to get rid of two of their four hole cards, and then the betting continues just like standard Texas Hold’em. Just like Hold’em, you will be playing your best five card hand with the final two hole cards and the five community cards on the board.

While these games are both going to be strong additions, to make things more interesting they are also going to be brought into the upcoming FTOPS events as well. You’ll find that the Irish Poker event is actually going to kick off the FTOPS and will be played on St. Patrick’s Day. The Five Card Stud event is going to be event #25 on the tournament schedule.

One other addition to the games is a tournament type. The tournament is called an “Escalator Tournament”, and the idea behind this tournament is that the blind levels are going to be very small to start off. As the tournaments roll on though, the length of the blind levels will then get longer, so the starting levels are like a turbo tournament (or even a super turbo), but the later parts of the tournament will allow you to be more selective about the hands that you are playing, and will allow you to slow down the action.

There hasn’t been much else added in terms of things like the Sit N Go’s though, but they added an Early Bird promo. This is going to give the players who sit down first at the Sit N Go events double their Full Tilt Points, which is a nice way to build them up quickly. For six handed tournaments, players who join first and second will get double points, and for 8 and 9 man tournaments the first three players are going to get double their points. 18 player Sit N Go’s will give the first six players double points, and if you find a time when double points are awarded normally, then these players will receive triple the points for being the first to join.




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